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5 stars

With any company you may be skeptical if you hear that the company has great reviews and hardly any complaints. This is true for Regal Assets. Here are three of the top review sites and what they have given the company.

  • BCA– Triple AAA with only 2 complaints in the past 3 years. Those complaints were solved by making an adjustment and no negative review was left.
  • BBB– A+ with no complaints.
  • Trustlink– 5 stars with 246 positive reviews. No complaints were indicated on this site and everyone had high praise for the company. 

My Experience

I personally started my gold IRA with Regal Assets. After reading the reviews and checking out their website I was thoroughly sold on the idea of securing my financial future with gold. My customer representative walked me right through the process and even told me how best to invest my money. I felt at home and felt like I was being well taken care of. One of the best features in my opinion is their customer service. They are always willing to speak to you no matter if it is by phone (top of the page), their online chat service, or even by email.

Getting Startedfree gold kit

If you want to get started Regal Assets is there to help you no matter if you are a pro at investing or a complete newbie like I was. Your first thing to do is to get as much information as possible about the gold investment process. Fortunately for people that are interested the company offers a free gold investing kit. It has a lot of useful information that will educate you on the world of buying and selling gold. This will get you ready for starting your investment and making sure you know all there is to know.

Within this kit you will find documents that will show you how gold has always been a great investment throughout history. It also shows you the history of gold and other precious metals so that you know all there is to know about investing in gold. It also has information on retirement and how you can your family can benefit from a gold IRA instead of a traditional IRA. The kit will help to reassure you that you are in good hands and that your investment will be great for your financial future.

Gold IRA Process

One of the most popular ways to start your IRA is to go and choose Physical Delivery. This means that your physical gold will be delivered straight to your front door. On the website you will find that there are many options for your gold investment. Regal Assets has several to choose from.

  • Gold Bullion. The Krugerrand and others are known for their high gold quality making it a great investment
  • Canadian Maple Leaf– If you want something small to store you may want to consider the gold or silver maple leaf. This will give you a great investment while being easy to store and easy to keep up with and organized.
  • Gold Bars. Gold bars are minted for their gold content and is guaranteed by the government for its purity and weight making it a great investment.

This type of gold has traded closest to the spot prices of gold and it is easy to monitor and trade by checking in on the price spot. Since the early 1900’s, gold bullion has grown over 4500% in value. This makes a great investment that you can easily keep track of and easy to sell and buy more.

Another option that you will have when investing in gold is to purchase rare gold. Rare gold is gold that is not being minted or gold coins that are still in the mint process but only rarely minted or done in a very limited supply. There are many coins out there that are rare and will make a great investment for your retirement account.

  • Liberty Head. This gold coin was minted from 1907-1949 and is a highly sought after coin.
  • St Gaudens. This gold coin was minted from 1907-1933 and is also highly sought after and would make a great investment.
  • European coins. There are several European coins that are highly wanted for investment including the Swiss 20 Franc and the French 20 Franc.

Rare gold, because of its age and rarity goes for a greater amount of money than many other coins out there. Since early 1900 rare gold coins have grow over 7500% making them a very lucrative investment.

Regal Assets – Recommended Packagesregal assets recommended packages

Now once you have made your decision in what type of gold you will invest in you can visit the Regal Assets site and look through the gold and silver that they have there. Choose what you want carefully. You will notice on each item there is information and on many a video on what the gold or silver is about and any and all information including pricing throughout the years will be listed.

For all orders over $2500 you will need to call and place your order and allow the customer service representatives to help you. The executive can also explain how good the IRA account will be an even help to send you a free gold IRA rollover kit that will allow you to convert your assets to gold.

Payment and Storage

When you choose your gold and place the order you will have the option of paying with your credit or debit card or even purchasing through a bank wire. If you choose to pay through a bank wire the site has information to do so. Your delivery for your gold will be handled through the USPS mail, Federal Express or UPS. Rest assured that you mail will be registered and fully insured before it leaves the Regal Assets facility.

Another great thing about Regal Assets is that there are no hidden charges, all of their prices include delivery and handling charges helping you to save money. Once you get your delivery you will find information on how to store it securely and you will be contacted by an agent to make sure that you gold got there like it should and that you are satisfied with your purchase.

Why i am in Love with Regal Assets

There are many reasons why I can highly recommend Regal Assets. Here are a few things that made my personal experience so great.

  • Pricing Compared to other companies Regal Assets had the most affordable out there on the market.
  • Education The people behind the company were more than willing to educate me on the world of the gold market and how best to invest.
  • Portfolio help The company helped me with my portfolio and showed me how to make sure that I had the best investments possible.
  • Customer service The customer service was great. If I had any questions at all they were there to help.
  • Quality I was amazed at the quality of the gold I received and I can rest easy knowing my financial future is safe with my gold IRA.
  • Flat IRA Fees – I also liked the fees that they charged. All the other companies I looked into wanted to charge based on the size of my account and I did not like that. I feel safe and secure knowing that I invested with such a good company in Regal Assets.

I took a good look at many other companies. In my research I found that their customer service was not up to par with many complaints and they had many complaints about other things as well. I was at first thinking it was going to be a difficult choice with who to invest in but once I did a little research into the world of Regal Assets I knew that they were the company for me.

Regal Assets was definitely a clear winner after making me feel like a genuine customer that they were happy to help. I loved their gold kit that they sent me to figure out whether or not I even wanted to invest. Not many companies will offer you a free kit like that just to educate you.

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