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Do You Know What A Gold IRA Is?

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Before you can understand what a gold IRA is you must first be familiar with the term ‘IRA’. An IRA is an acronym for Individual Retirement Account. These types of retirement accounts differ in that investors can choose multiple types of investments to include in their investment portfolio. A gold IRA simply means that the investor has included some type of gold into their retirement account.

Most investment experts agree that all IRAs should include gold. A gold investment can help to create a well-crafted portfolio. When you include metals into your portfolio your account will also receive some added benefits.

Adding Gold To Your Portfolio Will Make It Stronger

It is well known that gold maintains its value more easily than other types of investments. When the stock market fluctuates or bonds take a dip, gold will sometimes increase in value. Gold is considered a safe investment because it helps to protect other investments that you may have.

A Gold IRA Will Provide Your Portfolio Protection

Not only does a gold IRA help to increase the value and strength of your account, it will also help to keep your account stable no matter what happens to the dollar. If your portfolio consists mainly of monetary investments, gold will help stabilize your account.

Gold Will Never Lose Value

Gold always maintains its value or increases in value. It is considered just as valuable as paper money. It is also a wonderful way to add some diversity to your account. This is why most people invest in gold when the economic climate is good and when the economy is not doing well.

The Ways You Can Obtain Gold147549

If you want to add gold to your investment portfolio you should be aware of a few things. The government does regulate who can have actual possession of the gold coins or bullion bars that you purchase. You will need to know the type of coins or bars that you can own and you will also need to know where they must be stored.

Some people do have self-directed or self-managed IRAs, but if you want to add gold to your account you will be required to have a trustee appointed to your account. The trustee will ensure that you obtain ownership of the gold smoothly and without complications. The gold will then be stored under your name in special depository that is located in Delaware.

There are several companies that you can choose from when you are looking for a trustee for your gold IRA. Some of these companies are:

  • The Entrust Group
  • GoldStar Trust Company
  • Sterling Trust Company

You Do Not Have To Buy Physical Gold

Instead of purchasing gold coins and bullion bars some investors choose to invest in gold indirectly. There are not many gold IRAs that hold physical gold and there are two ways in which you can add gold to your portfolio without obtaining it physically:

  • You can purchase a share of an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund)
  • You can purchase mining stocks

Trying to add gold to your IRA can be a difficult path to figure out. This is why you should enlist the help of a professional who will help guide you through the process.

You can have all your doubts cleared by talking with Regal Assets @ 1-877-721-2659

How a Gold IRA helps you Diversify and Liquidate

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Fiat Currency–what exactly is it? It is money that depends on government’s regulations to define its value; it is not backed by an asset that is tangible like silver or gold. Most of the world’s paper money today is considered fiat currency and is considered a liability to central reserve banks. In the US, Federal Reserve Notes currency is not backed by special commodity convertibility like silver or gold and needs to be issued against collateral.

The United States Civil War and Fiat Currency Beginnings – Back in 1862, in order to pay the growing debt that resulted from its US Civil War participation, there was $50 million issued by the Union government which is now worth over $1.13 trillion; more followed later in legal tender. In order to cash in paper money for coin, there was a suspension in specie payment. Ordinary citizen’s currency was intentionally depreciated through the so-called wartime ‘Legal Tender Acts.’; inflation wreaked havoc on the freshly printed “greenbacks” to where they became worth only around half of their putative value in gold by the end of the war.

Debt Monetization and Federal Reserve Note Todaygold ira

The Federal Reserve Banks back the Federal Reserve Notes today; these are usually government debt and US Treasury securities bought by the Fed in a debt monetization process. When debt monetization finances government deficits, the result is inflation due to growth in money supply. The US money supply is increased further by fractional-reserve banking usage where deposits are lent out and then deposited again for further loans.

Inflation tax is known as the loss of buying power by people who hold fixed-rate bonds and cash. A better term for it would be a wealth transfer rather than a tax since holders and debtors of hard assets end up with a value gain of their holdings. Inflation affects people on fixed wages, incomes and pensions disproportionately.

The American Society of Actuaries conducted a study and found that inflation was considered by retirees as the main risk in retirement. People who saved long-term or who contributed to IRAs should be worried about inflation, especially since there has been a decline of 82% since 1971 in dollar-denominated assets. Through history, with an increase in inflation, the price of gold does as well. Therefore long-term investors are considering accumulating wealth through gold IRAs. Converting a currency IRA to a gold IRA is penalty and tax free. A person’s retirement is protected against the decrease of value in the Federal Reserve Note with a gold IRA.

Acceptable US IRA Gold Coins

* Gold coins with American Eagle
* Nugget gold coins or Australian Kangaroo
* Gold coins with Austrian Philharmonic
* Gold coins with Canadian Maple Leaf
* PAMP Suisse gold bars .999 or Credit Suisse gold
* United States Uncirculated Buffalo Gold coins (No Proofs)

Be advised that coins that have been certified, including the American Eagle, are not considered acceptable for retirement plans at the moment.

Gold prices – Is this the time to take the plunge?

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In July, gold was selling for USD 1,249. That’s nearly half the price of July 2011, but nearly twice as much as its price in October 2008.  Needless, to say, gold has a turbulent history and most indicators predict gold’s prices will trend downward.

Remember, however, that you’re investing for the long term. Gold prices have risen 3,454% since 1968 – a period that includes the mid-‘80s, when gold was at a low point while CDs paid double-digit interest and the US dollar was nearly equal to the British pound.

Of course, that staggering price increase was because of the end of the Bretton Woods monetary management system by the Nixon Administration in 1971. This meant that US dollars could no longer be directly converted to gold currency. The dollar thus became “fiat currency” and thus its value is not dependent on its related value to any other thing, including gold. Such a move had a profound effect on the economy: A 1970 dollar could buy as much as $6 does today, according to the consumer price index (CPI). That’s 600% inflation in 43 years! Look at the Gold growth story – Picture taken from Zen Gold

buy gold

“Nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes,” Benjamin Franklin famously said. He could have included inflation if he lived with our fiat currency. The Federal Reserve has been printing trillions of dollars over the past five years, which has deflated the dollar’s purchasing power even more.

Gold has long been valued as a hedge against inflation because it has kept its worth over the long haul. Since leaving the gold standard, the US dollar and the British pound have declined in value after years of stability. Thus, it’s very likely that gold will continue to be a safe investment for you – definitely safer than the printed US dollar which will continue to decline in value as more currency is put into circulation.

Today’s favorable prices make this a great time to buy gold bullion or other gold products. You can open a precious metals IRA that includes gold, silver, platinum and/or palladium and protect your retirement funds from inflation and economic catastrophe.

Naturally the closer you are to retirement, the more cautious you should be. Be sure to consult a proven expert that combines excellent customer service with investment expertise such as Regal Assets. Check out the company’s Better Business Bureau ratings as well as its membership in reputable industry organizations such as TrustLink.

Once you’ve found a reputable investment company, ask how to protect your future by investing in gold. You’ll sleep better knowing your retirement is protected and as good as gold.

Gold is your protection from inflation, hyperinflation

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What is inflation, hyperinflation?

Gold may be your best best against inflation. But first, we need to see why. The easiest definition for inflation is that given by Ron Paul: More money means less value. By the same token, hyperinflation means, according to Investopedia: rapid or out of control inflation. Hyperinflation often occurs when a nation increases its money supply but without having a similar increase in its gross domestic product (GDP). The GDP measures the value of a country’s goods and services in a specific period of time.

hyperinflation - buy gold

GDP means nothing

However, at least one financial expert feels that the GDP is not a good economic indicator. Alasdair Macleod, former Guernsey bank director as well as a mutual fund manager and a stockbroker on the London exchange, said the GDP is impossible to measure because of the complexity of measuring an entire country’s production of goods and services. Instead, MacLeod says, economists measure a country’s total money supply.

But the economy is sound, so how can prices change?

Macleod says that if the GDP had been measured in the early days of Germany’s Weimar Republic (after World War I), that country would have been seen as having an economic boom. That’s because prices fall over time when the money supply is stable, thanks to greater production efficiency and new technology. Macleod also says notes that the US GDP has remained the same for 50 years, if one adjusts for government spending, flat currency and prices that rise because of money and credit expansion. If Macleod is wrong, he asks, how can the total value of goods and services vary if the money supply is stable?

The US dollar has fallen and will keep on falling

The Federal Reserve’s Open Market Committee announced in 2012 it would devalue the dollar by 33% by printing more money and using it to buy $85 billion in bonds every month. This could bring about more inflation and economic problems.

Since 1971, Gold Prices Have Risen X 44!

Or, put another away, the dollar’s purchasing power has fallen by 44 since the Bretton Woods system ended during the Nixon Administration. Although the dollar is a “reserve currency”, it decreases in value when more currency is printed. Although this is fine for the U.S. because we can print money whenever we choose, other nations have problems because the value of their currency is related to the value of the dollar. So, emerging countries, including India and China, are snapping up gold: China has doubled its gold reserves just since 2007. Those countries want gold to be part of the IMF (International Monetary Fund’s composite currency, or Special Drawing Right (SDR).

buying gold

Adjust gold pricing = protect the $

Many world markets are moving away from the dollar and the euro as their currency bases, but the Federal Reserve is still printing trillions of dollars. There will soon be more dollars than demand for them. In order to protect the dollar, the Fed is working with the price of gold. For example, clients at Goldman Sachs and other brokerage firms were told that hedge funds and other institutional investors were unloading gold and were advised to do likewise. (This was an effort to keep those clients from investing in gold.) The price of gold thus dropped but immediately recovered. However, the outlook is not good – when gold dropped 21% in July 2008, the stock market collapsed a few months later.

Thievery in Cyprus

The nation of Cyprus recently decided to tax its bank holdings, a move that usually would cause investors to turn to gold rather than currency as safer investments. However, the Fed’s manipulation of gold prices not only boosted the value of the dollar and the euro, it also resulted in a drop in gold prices. These trends are only possible through market manipulation.

The Fed is thus working toward “taxing” American bank deposits because:

  • there is more US currency available than demand for it
  • the Fed wants to finance the US budget deficit, keep interest rates down and support the US bond market by printing trillions of dollars
  • the dollar is depreciating at an astounding pace
  • the dollar has been abandoned by other countries

There are many signs that the dollar is headed for collapse: Germany recently decided to take back its gold from the US. The state of Texas has plans to create a bullion depository. Gold has long been used as a hedge against inflation.

Money in the bank is not YOUR money

You may not know it, but a bank legally owns your funds as soon as you deposit them. Basically, you hold IOUs to the bank and are considered an unsecured creditor.  The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) announced plans in December 2012 to convert those IOUs into “bank equity” as needed in order to prepare for the next financial disaster. What’s more – there are not exceptions for FDIC insured funds.

Gold IRAs protect your money

These reasons show that now’s the ideal time to invest in gold. You can open and IRA or rollover an existing IRA backed by precious metals like gold. The safest way to do so is by buying gold coins such as American Eagles or Canadian Maple Leafs. An alternative is to consult a reputable fund management firm with an excellent performance record, such as Regal Assets.

Remember, no paper-based investments (i.e., stocks, bonds etc.) can protect you from inflation. (Remember how millions lost their savings in 2008.) Protect your hard earned money with gold. Visit our gold company today and ask how you can open a gold IRA.

Are You At The Right Age To Consider Retirement?

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When most people think about the word ‘retirement’ they picture a day when they will no longer have to punch a time clock. Their days will be filled enjoying the freedom they believe they have earned after working the majority of their lives. It was not that long ago that the common age to retire was 65, but many Americans have to work longer than this so they are able to place more money aside for retirement.  Everyone needs to take some time to consider when they will be ready to retire and there are several factors that will help make the decision easier.

When Will You Be Able To Receive Healthcare Benefits?

If you are currently insured through an employer’s benefit plan or other type of private health insurance you may be paying a lot for annual premiums. Medicare benefits begin for many Americans when they reach 65 years old. People who choose to retire before they are eligible for Medicare will have to pay for coverage out of their pockets. This added expense can significantly decrease the amount of money that is available in their savings account.

Are You Eligible For Social Security?best age to get retired

Many people choose to retire when they qualify to receive social security reimbursement. Some people qualify at different ages, ranging from 62 to 65. The one thing that you should take into consideration is that the earlier you decide to receive payments the smaller the monthly payouts will be. For example, someone who begins to receive Social Security at the age of 62 will not get as much as someone who waits until they are 65 or 70 to start receiving their Social Security benefits.

What Other Things Do You Need To Consider?

Although Social Security eligibility and healthcare are the main factors that people think about when they are considering retiring from their job, there are several other factors that are also important. These factors are:

  • What are the current balances in your checking and/or savings account?
  • What are the current balances in your retirement accounts (401K, IRA’s)?
  • Would you be able to comfortably meet your regular monthly budget if you retired now?

It is important that you do not only consider the benefits of retiring, you also need to make sure that your financial future will be secured if you decided to start living the retirement lifestyle sooner rather than later.

When Should You Start Planning Your Retirement?

Depending on what age you are now you may be able to postpone retirement planning. Younger workers who have not yet reached the age of 50 may not be in a position to decide at what age they should retire. The global economic climate is constantly changing and personal situations may also affect when a younger worker would be able to retire.

An older worker is in a better position to think about retirement especially if they have been planning for their retirement for a number of years.

It is more common today to find those who are choosing to work past the ‘standard’ retirement age of 65. They realize that the longer they work the larger the Social Security payouts will be and the more secure their life will be after retirement. You can decide what is best for you and retire at the age that you feel you will be the most comfortable financially.

Why a Gold IRA is a Good Investment Choice

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The price of gold has been increasing consistently for over 10 years now. According to investing specialists and experts of precious metals, investor’s assets are protected by gold against political inflation, turmoil and other events in the future that can be unpredictable. Varying up things by setting up a Gold IRA is favored by many as an efficient gold investment tool. There are a few tax benefits to rolling over your IRAs to include gold.

To include gold in your IRA, you can establish a self-directed Gold IRA or you can work with a reputable dealer. All important transactions should be handed over to high-profile government-approved custodians. One thing to note, however, is that only specific types of gold can be included in your Gold IRA, and is regulated by the United States IRS. Gold bullion coins like the American Eagle are recommended choices.

Taking a Look at Precious Metals

Precious metals are considered real money. Gold is considered to be stabilizing, and is one asset that is sought-after by many since it is a good investment choice.

Why Would You Want to Diversify?

You might be wondering why you should diversify at all. You have probably heard the term, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”, and this applies to gold. When other IRA investments lose their value, gold tends to increase in value. No matter what happens, gold has always had the reputation of steady gain. You can balance your portfolio safely by including gold in your IRA.

invest in gold