25+ Ways & Reasons to Invest in Gold (Full Guide)

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There are so many ads for gold investment that a lot of people are confused as to what gold investment actually is. Simply put, youInvest in Gold are spending paper dollars to buy a precious metal that has been respected and valued all over the world since civilization began.
There are many ways you can invest in gold and it’s wise to choose more than one method. The more types of gold investments you have, the more options are available to you if you should ever need to move or liquidate those investments.

There are a lot of ways to invest in Gold such as:

Gold Investment ways

1. Gold certificates

2. Shares in a gold mine

3. Gold bullion bars

4. Gold IRA accounts

5. Collectible gold coins

6. Gold bullion coins

Each form has its advantages and drawbacks but all these ways to invest in gold will yield more wealth than if you invested in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or stockpiled cash.

One of the advantages of investing in gold is that you can liquidate quickly and easily should you need to. You’ll always have a means of funding should the currency become worthless and since gold is portable, you have the option of always having some of it on hand for immediate access. You can invest gold in IRA funds so you can reap the rewards in retirement and it allows you to have a physical asset to pass onto your heirs.

Investing in gold is also more enjoyable than other forms of investment. You have a solid, physical asset instead of digital funds or paper certificates of stock. Gold is beautiful as well as valuable and it never loses that value no matter how much the world’s currency rises and falls.

With all that in mind, let’s examine 25 reasons why you should invest in gold.

1. Gold is Always in Demand (Best Investment)

There are few things that the modern world can’t or won’t do without, things like oil to run our power plants and vehicles and clean water to drink. Gold is one of those things, not because of its beauty or value but because it is the perfect medium of exchange when currency becomes so inflated that it’s useless. Gold has been used as funds for thousands of years and has always been representative of wealth. In the ancient world of the Egyptians, gold was highly prized both as a means of commerce and a display of status.

2. Buying and Selling Using Gold is Simple

When you conduct a transaction using gold, whether you’re buying food or luxury items, the exchange is over the moment one person is paid and the other receives their goods. If you conduct the same transaction with paper money it is not final. The seller receives the currency and has to bank it, store it, or spend it in order to realize the value of it. To make matters worse, the seller has received nothing of real value, just an IOU from the government on a piece of paper that isn’t backed by any sold asset. And since the value of that paper changes from day to day he or she may ultimately receive less value than what they sold their goods for.

3. Currency has no Real Value

In 1971 the U.S. abandoned the gold standard; since then, the country’s currency has been backed by nothing but promises of payment. Even our coins have been devalued by degrading their metal content to the point where even a penny doesn’t contain a cent’s worth of precious metals. In fact, it costs nearly 2 cents to mint a penny! The metal value of a penny is a little over half a cent while a quarter is worth about 3 cents when melted down for the metal content. Conversely, the same $20 gold piece that bought a fine, custom made suit in the mid 19th century will buy that same quality suit in 2015. A $20 today bill will not even cover one tie to accessorize that suit.

4. Currency is a Bad Investment

The average person who depends on currency to live is at the mercy of politics, Wall Street, and social values. Any of these three factors can manipulate the value of currency. Currency accumulates in banks and other financial institutions but does not create wealth by investing in the economy. Most of the money made or collected by banks is stockpiled for the interest it earns, not invested in creating jobs or

services. Not only is currency not backed up by anything of value, it is of no real value to the average person when it is in the hands of the banking industry and financial tycoons.

5. Currency Devaluation may be a Permanent Condition

Ever since the gold standard was abandoned in 1971, American currency has been very unstable. Its devaluation is an ongoing condition and from the way things look it will not improve in the future. Because of our financial structure, if currency devaluation did stabilize and halt it is likely to happen again and again. The substantial nest egg that a person has now could be less than half its current worth by the time that person retires–and goods and services will certainly cost proportionately more. Add to that burden of new taxes that are constantly being instituted by city, state, and the federal government and there won’t be much left by the time you need it.

6. The Debt-Based Economy Doesn’t Affect Gold

Since gold has held its value for thousands of years you will not be affected by the global debt-based economy. Don’t let the cost of goods fool you into think that your gold is worth less than it was last year. 1913 you could buy as much with a dollar as you can in 2014 with $23.63. This is because of the consumer price index (CPI) which devalues currency as it increases. When the CPI decreases, U.S. currency’s buying value increases. However, an ounce of gold in 1913 will still buy the very same goods of the same quality in 2015. As the dollar continues to fall in value, gold retains its value.

7. Gold is Based on Value While Our Economy is Based on Debt

You can use paper money in your everyday transactions but by the time you spend it, it won’t be worth what it was when you received it. Our currency is based on a system of debt-directed spending that depends on the government’s wisdom in budgeting. Most of us know that if we conducted our personal or business finances in the same way the government spends our tax dollars, we would quickly be bankrupt. Thus, the dollar is constantly losing value as our debt increases. The dollar is currently hanging in there because the country has is very liquid; the country’s securities can be cashed in with a daily turnover of nearly $600 billion. Plus, the bond market is a substantial asset with $11 trillion in government bonds among to total bond

market of $32 trillion. While the economy (and the dollar) suffers inflation, deflation, and stagflation the value of gold remains the same.

8. Gold Protects You from Government Excess

People have become progressively poorer, particularly in the past twenty years. These people have come to depend on the government–tax dollars paid by wage earners–more and more. The way entitlements are set up the average person, working or not, can most likely take advantage of one program or another even if it’s only a tax break. One out of every 6 people is on Medicaid and close to 50 million are on food stamps even though many of them are employed. Our government can’t possibly keep all the promises it has made; it must print more and more money that’s worth less the more it prints. Gold is immune to government excess and no matter how devalued the dollar becomes, gold is still worth what it has always been worth.

9. Gold and the Debt Based Economy

You would think that a debt based economy would be unconstitutional–it’s certainly unwise and destructive. However, it is legal because the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 allows the government to use tax dollars to pay principle and interest payments. Thus, the people no longer run the government but the banking industry dominates it at all levels. Our debt passed $17 trillion in 2014. Unless policies drastically change, it’s only a matter of time until currency is worthless. Gold, however, never inflates or deflates. You can’t drive the value of gold up or down, only how many dollars it takes to buy it. With the right type of gold investments, you can be assured that you’ll always be able to provide for yourself and your family.

10. Gold is the Great Equalizer

Most people will be affected in one way or another by stagflation while others may find a way to profit from it. You hear a lot about the income gap and most people know that just 1% of the population owns 33% of the country’s wealth. Only 2.5% of the wealth is owned by the poorest 50%. The income gap today is as significant as it was in the 1920s, thanks to the banking system and our debt based currency. Most people don’t have “money” to shift around and do well just to keep their heads above water. The advantage to owning gold is that you have real value. Those wealthy enough to invest typically put their money in stocks, bonds, and paper assets that have no real value if the currency collapses. Anyone can own gold since it is sold in

very small as well as large units. You can buy as little as 1/10 of an ounce of gold, which means that just setting aside a few dollars a week will allow you to have a full ounce in a very short time. Gold equalizes the gap between the wealthy, the middle classes, and the poor.

11. Why the Poor will Remain Poor–But You Can Prosper

Our debt based economy insures that the poor will always be with us. People are encouraged to save money, invest it, budget well, and told that will lead them to prosperity. Since our economy is based on debt, inflation insures that the poor will never get ahead because they depend on currency and think they can’t own gold because it is too costly. Inflation is caused by the never ending government spending as well as the monetization of the debt that allows a sick economy to support the banking industry, Wall street, and more government borrowing. The average person is left with inflationary dollars that buy less and less and a stagnant economy. No one tells them that even the poor can afford to buy some gold because you can buy it in very small quantities.

12. Gold Protects You When Other Governments won’t Accept the Dollar

Governments have in the past and are now again beginning to refuse to accept others’ currencies. This is because of inflation and so many volatile political climates. When this happens, they will still accept gold, which is recognized as payment everywhere in the world. Banks stockpile gold, as do countries who want stability. China and India are the top buyers of gold in the market today. Banks finance their empires through debt but when global debt rises too much they can profit during economic collapse because of their stockpiles of gold. They do not want gold-backed currency because that would seriously inhibit their ability to attain power as well as wealth. Investors who own gold will retain their wealth in years to come, whereas those that stockpile currency will find themselves with practically nothing.

13. Gold Cannot be Confiscated

In 1933 the government called in all the gold owned by citizens in order to save the banks from collapse. This resulted in the devaluation of the dollar. Unscrupulous sellers of gold coins will tell you that they’ll do it again soon but antique gold coins (100 years old or more) are the exception. The truth is that the government can’t confiscate gold no

matter what form it is in. In 1977 Congress legislated away the president’s ability to regulate gold transactions during a time or war or national emergency. Your gold cannot legally be confiscated but your currency can–through inflation, currency collapse, or a changeover to a new type of currency.

14. Gold Has No Liability

Gold has no liability whatsoever other than safe storage. Currency is an instrument of debt, nothing but an IOU from the government that is not backed by anything but promises.

15. There’s Enough Gold for Everyone

An amazing and little known fact is that the amount of gold available has been about the same as the world’s population throughout history. Money destabilizes economy as well as society because it has always been printed or struck in excess of the population. Currency soon loses its value because of its quantity but gold retains purchasing power because its value always remains the same.

16. Gold is Portable

You can carry gold anywhere. In fact, you can easily carry enough on your person to support yourself for years. It doesn’t need to be exchanged for a different currency in order to be used. Its only drawback is its weight but because it is so valuable you’ll need very little for an emergency.

17. Gold is Easy to Store

You can store gold on your premises as long as you have a secure container. Most people prefer an in-ground safe that can be concealed if they choose to keep their gold in their home. Some choose secure storage from the dealer they buy it from while others use a safe deposit box at their bank that provides 24 hour security and protection from the elements. Any way you choose to store your gold, it is easy to secure and protect.

18. Gold Comes in Convenient Forms

You can buy gold certificates or credits in gold accounts that can be turned in for real, physical gold. When you use currency, it is only away to exchange credits that are not redeemable for any physical asset since there is nothing to back it up.

19. Gold Protects You from Destructive Economic Cycles

Debt based economies like the U.S. have a repetitious cycle of boom and bust caused by a hollow monetary system. Gold-backed economies are stable and while they may be unstable at times they are backed by something of value. Owning gold insures that you always have something of value with which to secure food, shelter, and other necessities.

20. Gold Gives You Independence

You can own gold that is not controlled by banks or the government, both of whom control currency. Dealing with currency puts you at risk since it is controlled solely for the needs of those institutions, which are not usually the needs of the people they purport to serve.

21. Currency Subjects You to Control by Others

A government can’t fund wars when its currency is backed by something of value. Our currency now gives free rein to spending and debt since more can be printed any time the government wants to spend more. If you own gold you cannot be controlled economically. You are free to make decisions that are right for you and not be subjected to the whims of whomever is in office.

22. The Next Generation Will Thank You!

Gold is something you can proudly pass on to your children and grandchildren because it will be just as valuable when you bought it as when your heirs come into possession of it. When you pass currency, stocks, or digital wealth on to your heirs it may be worth a fraction of what it was when you purchased it because it has no solid foundation, just empty promises.

23. You Know You Will Always Have Something of Value

When you own gold, you can keep your wealth outside the reach of banks and governments. If you choose to accumulate only currency, you let others decide the value of your wealth.

24. Gold Gives You Freedom

Gold enables anyone to accumulate riches while currency concentrates the wealth and power in banks and government, enabling them to abuse the populace. Gold insulates you from economic abuse and persistent hand to mouth existence that most of the populace now suffers thanks to our worthless currency and capricious politics.

25. Gold Allows You to Claim Your Life as Your Own

Citizens are little more than slaves when governments finance bailouts and wars with the citizens’ tax dollars. What the government can’t pay, it borrows; the present generation and succeeding ones are burdened with debt not of their making. The banks access the peoples’ wealth through taxes since they are the ones that finance every government whim. Thus, people don’t even own their labor, which is taxed in order to pay back government debt to the banks. This is financial tyranny at its worst and most of the citizens don’t understand it nor do they care as long as they have distractions. By owning gold you have freedom and independence from the unstable dollar and a self-centered, uncaring government.

Now that you know why you should own gold, you may want to decide which form or forms you would like to own. Depending on your budget you can start with a very small amount or a more substantial order and build up real, substantial wealth that will never lose value.

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