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Wherever you look, people are talking about the economy and being prepared for the future.  Unfortunately, most consumers are not as prepared as they should be.  They may save and invest money but the dollar may not be worth much-if anything-when they retire.  That’s why experts like Peter Schiff endorse gold investments for a secure future.

Who is Peter Schiff?

So, who the heck is Peter Schiff?  He is a world renowned business owner and gold investor and son of Irwin Schiff, a major figure in the tax protester movement in the U.S.  After graduating Beverly HillsHigh School, Peter went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance in 1987 at Berkeley Hass School of Business.

Peter’s education and business experience have led him to believe strongly in the value of investing in precious metals.  His investing philosophy has gained credence as the economy continues to be unstable and the value of the dollar erodes.

How Does Peter Schiff Know So Much About the Economy?

Schiff is so knowledgeable about the economy partially due to his involvement in politics.  Unlike many financial advisors who regurgitate book-learning without real world experience, he was Ron Paul’s economic advisor and helped draft Paul’s economic revitalization plan.  Peter received endorsements from Ron Paul as well as Steve Forbes when he decided to run for the U.S. Senate in 2009.  He was defeated by Richard Blumenthal but gained valuable insight on how politics and the economy affect each other.

Peter continued his research on the economy and working closely with his father he decided that he should secure his wealth with gold and silver.  His research convinced him that was the safest and most profitable way to go as he watched the economy collapse; his projections for the value of the dollar convinced him beyond a shadow of a doubt that precious metals was the best way to plan a secure future.

Why Should I Listen to What Peter Schiff Says?

Peter Schiff founded Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. in 1997, a full service broker and dealer whose specialties are securities and foreign markets.  The company now has six offices across the United States.  Feedback from the company’s clients is nearly exclusively positive, leading Schiff to an interest in educating the public about investing wisely.  The Peter Schiff Show, broadcast online and on radio, is one way he is reaching out to urge people to secure their investments in gold before the dollar collapses.  He has also written books explaining the economy and where it is headed and done so in such a way that the average person without a college education can understand and absorb that knowledge.

Protecting Your Future 

Peter’s goal is to insure that as few people as possible are caught be surprise when the economy crashes and the dollar collapses.  His goal is not entirely altruistic, however.  He points out that the more people who have secured their wealth with precious metals, the better off he and everyone else will be!  He’s not just talking about millionaires, either—anyone can grow a little money by investing it wisely and turning it into a comfortable nest egg.

Schiff is encouraging people to have a gold backed IRA and to invest in gold and precious metals to secure their financial future.  There are scores of companies that will help you achieve that goal.

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