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How Will President Trump Affect Gold Prices?

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Nothing influences the price of gold quite like politics, particularly in an election year. No matter who wins or what they have promised, the weeks following the election are usually turbulent and uncertain for gold prices.

Changing Policies Mean Price Fluctuations

In the two weeks following Donald Trump’s election gold fell 0.1%. The stock market has been volatile as well, in large part because no one knows what to expect from the new president. The only thing anyone is certain of 6 weeks into the new presidency is that there will be some big changes in policy and uncertainly about the economic future. The two executive orders on a travel ban, uncertainty about whether there will be a southern border wall and how much it will cost, and the reorganization of major government offices tend to make the markets insecure. The price of gold reflects those uncertainties, moving up and down with every new change. It seems that the only consistent thing these days is inconsistency.

This could be good news for gold prices. As big changes are made the economy suffers from a general lack of confidence, the dollar weakens, and the price of gold rises. Some experts are predicting that gold will gain another 15% by the end of 2017 to hit at least $1400.

What do Trump’s Cabinet Appointments Mean for the Price of Gold?

President Trump has some big plans for the nation and none will come without consequences, both good and bad. The Department of Justice, for example, is going to change the entire attitude of law enforcement with the installation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. More emphasis will be placed on the letter of the law and less on recent social justice causes. Likewise, Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court over his term of office will undoubtedly impact many areas affecting business and commerce and thus affect the price of gold.

One of the Trump appointments that will make a huge impact on gold is Rex Tillerson as Secretary of State. His duties include meeting world leaders, negotiating treaties and agreements, and working to insure that economic conditions are favorable to the U.S. A former CEO of Exxon, he is uniquely qualified to deal with oil rich countries and has many contacts to tap into when it comes to negotiating trade deals. He can change or cancel existing trade agreements if they don’t appear to be beneficial to the country. This could mean our economy will improve and become more financially stable, thus driving down the price of gold. Or he could be the wrong choice for the job and drive up the price of gold by making the economy more unstable.

What about His Financial Policies?

Trump’s choice of Steven Mnuchin for treasury secretary (also rumored to be the choice of Mrs. Clinton if she had won) created a lot of uncertainty for many. Mnuchin has a solid financial background; he’s connected with both Goldman Sachs and the Soros Fund Management. It appears that he may endorse the continuation of charitable tax deductions for the wealthy, a deduction that allows them to avoid paying millions in taxes each year. Mnuchin may also endorse more tax loopholes for corporations assuming tax reform doesn’t lower corporate tax rates. He also is a proponent of abolishing the home mortgage tax deduction that mainly benefits what’s left of the middle class. These policies would not be doing the economy any favors and may even have a devastating effect on consumer confidence and spending. In this case the price of gold would most certainly get a substantial boost.

As for interest rates, the Feds are not changing them yet because of the pressure of rising prices. Trump has said several times that the zero interest policy of the fed since 2008 has been bad for both savers and the country’s economic growth. Concern about interest rates along with fears of global depression and a tariff war caused gold’s price to spike on election night then lose $100 an ounce in the days following the election. Speculation about rising inflation also helped the price of gold to rise.

During his campaign, President Trump mentioned a few times that he’d like to return to the gold standard but that is very unlikely. If it did happen there would be little demand for gold and the price would fall dramatically.

Will Donald Trump Spend the Country Into Ruin?

If Trump makes good on his promises to spend $1 trillion on the country’s infrastructure, improve the military, and dramatically cut taxes for businesses the economy might suffer but gold prices would rise. The national budget is now in the red $500 billion each year and Trump’s plans could worsen the situation even if we experience higher growth due to those policies. The spending excesses of the past 8 years would make any recession push our budget deficit to more than 10% of the GDP.

If Trump succeeds in tightening the purse strings and interest rates go higher the fed may be able to avoid monetizing the national debt. Gold prices would naturally shrink as the economy and consumer confidence improved. However, if Trump is not willing to subject the nation to real economic distress that would follow higher interest rates the fed would have to monetize the debt and set us on a course toward hyperinflation. That would be a boon to gold prices.

The speculation that a lot of regulations will be tossed off the books is making businesses optimistic and may compensate for some of Trump’s spending. Many regulations have already been tossed aside, improving business conditions and making the stock market a bit healthier. The previous administration instituted over 25,000 new regulations on business and the environment that drastically reduced the number of new businesses, crippled or destroyed many small businesses and adversely impacted the bottom line of many large corporations. Indeed, many major businesses moved to other countries. This trend is reversing since a new president was elected and at least two major corporations have cancelled their plans to move or open factories in other countries.

Rumors and Drama in the White House

There has been much speculation among those unhappy with the new president as to whether Donald Trump will be impeached and not serve out his term of office. This would certainly wreak havoc on the economy and gold prices would soar. Impeachment, though, is a rare occurrence when it comes to our presidents. Impeachment proceedings have mostly been brought against judges in the federal courts, not the highest office in the land. And a presidential impeachment does not mean he or she loses their office.

A public official can be impeached only if they are convicted of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors. The last requirement is subject to political manipulation and usually means that the official neglected his duties. For instance, President Bill Clinton was impeached in 1999 for perjury and obstruction of justice. He was not removed from office because no more than 50 senators were willing to vote for his ouster. A House majority is required to bring impeachment charges; the Senate then tries the official and 2/3 of their votes are needed to convict. The only other president to be impeached was Andrew Johnson and he kept his office because of the lack of one vote 

It is unlikely that the price of gold will be affected by something as dramatic as the impeachment of the president. That will come as a relief to many who prefer consistency to drama.

Where Does This Leave the Price of Gold?

There have already been a lot of changes and many more are on the way. The price of gold surged to $1,337.40 once the election results were in but fell below $1,300.00 as the financial world’s confidence slowly grew. By February 23, 2017 the economy calmed down further and gold had fallen to $1,249.55.

Predicting the price of gold isn’t always easy given all that’s happening in the Trump administration and the effect it may have on the economy. A healthy economy means lower gold prices and a struggling economy drives the price of gold higher. The important thing to remember is that gold has the same value no matter how many dollars it takes to buy it; it’s the dollar whose value changes, not the gold. The price of gold will always be a bargain for the security and lasting value that it brings.

Don’t Let Future Market Bubbles Ruin Your Retirement

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If you have a gold IRA in your retirement portfolio you are probably more aware of economic trends than most people. Your gold investment—whether it’s gold bullion, gold coins, or gold stocks—will protect you from the ravages of a bad economy. Still, you know it’s better to be prepared with an eye on the economic forecast.

There are a couple of disturbing trends right now that might or might not affect your gold investment planning. You may want to add to your gold IRA or just sit tight and see what happens. Either way, you’ll have the knowledge to make the right decision for your retirement portfolio.

Is a Housing Bubble Forming Again?

We all remember the chaos of 2007-2008 when the housing bubble burst. No one emerged unscathed except those few who saw it coming and compensated for it. There were a lot of warnings but few people were paying attention. Now it looks as if there might be another housing bubble forming.

A housing bubble happens when there is a precipitous increase in the price of housing. Investors think the prices of their properties will increase so demand for housing increases as more people look for good investments. This continues until eventually they price themselves out of the reach of most consumers. The bubble pops, prices plummet, and property becomes worth less than what the investor owes on it. Equity in one’s house becomes more valuable as the prices rise but when the bubble bursts the owners are often “upside down”, owing more than the house is worth.

What Precedes a Housing Bubble?

The housing bubble of 2007-2008 contributed significantly to the financial crises of that time and indeed, decreased consumer wealth by an astounding $7 trillion. This type of bubble generally happens every 13-15 years. Rental prices are one indicator that a bubble is expanding; houses and apartments get more costly to rent and the cost to income ratio increases until people begin relocating or downscaling drastically. The price of housing right now is 25%-60% higher than the economy can reasonably justify. Prices in many major cities are so high that over half the renting population can’t afford a basic 2-bedroom apartment.

What about the Mortgage Market?

In 2015-2016 saw more and more mortgages offered to people who may not be able to afford them. One company advertises that you can “blast off” with a mortgage with just the push of a button, presumably on the keypad of your phone as you negotiate with an automated mortgage line. Lending standards aren’t as low as they were prior to 2008 but they are more lax than they should be in order to maintain a healthy economy.

Buying a house should result in a debt to income ratio of no more than 43% but most mortgages being underwritten today result in a much higher and unhealthy ratio. For instance, if a person makes and annual income of $90,000 they can reasonably afford a house priced at around $300,000. In states like Florida, California, Arizona, and even Tennessee, the average mid-level house is priced at nearly twice that much. The middle class consumer is being priced out of the market in many areas. Not to mention the current U-6 unemployment rate of 9.2% that economists say is much more realistic than the reported rate of 4.7%. Circumstances just like these forewarned savvy investors of the inevitability of the last housing bubble bursting.

On the other hand some market watchers theorize that builders are simply facing challenging conditions such as lack of skilled labor and affordable land on which to build. Thus, demand for housing exceeds supply which drives up prices for new homes and supports higher prices for existing properties.

Whether or not a housing bubble is forming, now is a good time to focus investment strategy on tangible, solid assets like gold. Investing in gold in doubtful financial circumstances like the present is always a good plan. Many investors are backing off the real estate market and are buying more gold instead. Gold never loses value and is always a wise investment.

Then there’s the Auto Bubble…

Right now a housing bubble isn’t all we have to worry about. There is a new economic threat sometimes referred to as the “underwater car”. Just like the subprime mortgage debacle, there is now an overabundance of auto loans given to consumers with bad or shaky credit. You have probably heard the commercials—bad credit, no credit, just go to this dealer and drive off in the car of your choice. We’ll make you a deal even we can’t refuse!

The average car loan in 2016 is 68 months and subprime loans are as long as 8 years. 1/3 of all vehicles under lien have negative equity. While this is not unusual in the auto industry—a vehicle depreciates the moment it’s driven off the lot—the vehicle is as good as worthless halfway through the life of the loan. Borrowers are trading in their cars and trucks before they pay them off, rolling over the loan balance into the new vehicle’s financing. This is an endless cycle of debt that keeps growing.

One in five borrowers in the auto loan market are now 60 days or more behind on their payments. Delinquency rates are higher than they were in 2010.

What Happens if the Auto Bubble Pops?

While an auto bubble is a problem, it’s thankfully not enough to drastically affect the economy as much as the housing bubble in 2008. It’s still a sign of an economy headed for trouble, much like the tickle in your throat signals the onset of bronchitis or another illness. The lenders affected by this subprime loan bubble are going to be hurt and the fallout will not be pretty. Many financing establishments will fail as they’ll certainly deserve to. If there are any repercussions because of this particular bubble bursting, you’ll be happy that you have gold in your retirement portfolio.

Take Precautions Now

In both these economic bubbles the value of property goes down while the level debt stays the same. That is not good news for the economy but you can minimize its effect on your own finances and retirement plans. Your gold IRA will have just as much value as it had last year and the year before even if you don’t decide more gold investment is called for. Gold bullion and gold coins in your retirement portfolio will always keep their value no matter what the economy does.

Here is the #1 Rated Gold IRA Company

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Should You Avoid the Stock Market?

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In the past few years the stock market has scared a lot of people away.  We watch as it climbs higher and prices rise then it dips alarmingly, particularly when news from WashingtonDC signals economic changes.  The announcement that a country is in default can make an investor lose millions, even if the news is not true.  The market is so fickle that you might wonder why you should invest your hard earned money in something that seems so unstable.

Is it really that Bad?

What you don’t see is that while the Dow might plummet several hundred points, most investors are not losing money and may even be making money on the plunge.  If you look at the earnings of companies listed on the stock market and the dividends they are paying you would get a much clearer view of the true state of the market.  The overall picture is not as bleak as the public thinks when it sees those numbers at the end of each day.

The stock market can be good and it can also be very, very bad.  A lot of investors took their money (what was left of it) elsewhere when they took big losses in 2008.  The crisis caused primarily by the collapse of the housing market made ripples in every sector of the economy but especially the stock market.  Many looked for other ways to make their money grow even when the market began to stabilize.


The key to preserving your principal and growing your wealth is to diversify.  You can save your money but the average person will never have enough to live on throughout their retirement if they don’t find ways to make those savings grow.  It is important to start saving early and make good investments in a variety of financial products.  The more places you put your money, the better chance it has to grow into a fund large enough to support you in the lifestyle you’d like to have after your career comes to a close.

You should have some good stocks, some bonds, some mutual funds, and even some real estate in your investment portfolio.  One of the safest ways to escape inflation and currency collapse is to have part of your money in precious metals, particularly gold.  Gold never loses its value no matter what is happening with the economy or around the world.  The dollar, euro, and other currencies go up and down in value but gold will always have the same buying power that it always did.

Should you avoid the Stock Market?

The stock market is a great way to grow your wealth if you know how to make good decisions or have an advisor that is knowledgeable.  People who invested in IBM, Apple, and Microsoft aren’t sorry they decided to take chances on small, innovative companies and they certainly don’t regret the millions they made.  You may never make such a fortuitous investment but you can invest in companies with steady growth that will build your nest egg.

So own some stocks and don’t be afraid of the market!  But make sure you have other financial products such as mutual funds, bonds, or even certain types of annuities.  You should also invest in gold and other precious metals, too, because they will never lose value.  A variety of investments, including gold, will insure that your money grows enough to support you nicely when you retire.

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Rules for Gold IRA

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Whether you are trying to decide what type of IRA to get or rolling over to a gold IRA, there are rules that you must adhere to in order not to incur costly penalties.  You need to learn and obey those rules or retain a custodian to help you.  Just retaining a gold IRA company isn’t enough because most of them just buy the gold that you order and make sure that it reaches an approved storage facility.

Types of Gold Allowed in an IRA

Most people unfamiliar with the rules think that you can buy any type of gold for an IRA.  However, only certain types of gold are allowed.  You can only add bullion or gold bars that come from accredited manufacturers like Nymex, LBMA, or MLE.  The gold must be at least .999% pure.  This rule, like most of the other rules about a gold IRA, is intended to protect the investor and insure that their assets are no inferior products that could compromise the wealth they are accumulating.

You may add bullion coins to your IRA but they must be distributed by certain countries and meet the standards of purity of gold bars.  The Canadian Gold Maple Leaf is allowed but South African Krugerrands are not because they don’t meet purity standards.  One tenth, one quarter, one half and one ounce U.S. gold coins are allowed but the only coins specifically permitted to be included in a gold IRA are American Gold Eagle coins of those denominations.

Gold IRA – No Collectibles Allowed!

No collectible coins other than proof American Eagles are allowed to be included in a gold IRA.  You often see advertisements for coins made of gold or other precious metals that are touted as ideal investments.  You can buy them if you like but collectible coins cannot be part of your gold IRA.  There is nothing to stop you from buying them and storing them yourself for future sale but they can’t be part of your gold IRA.  This is because collectible coins do not hold their value like gold bullion coins and they do not meet the purity standards for a gold IRA.

If you do buy unapproved gold for your IRA the IRS will consider it a withdrawal will charge you income tax on the value.  Worse, if you do this and you’re under 59.5 years you’ll also incur an additional 10% penalty.  So be careful to stick to the rules or the IRS will make it very painful.

Gold IRA – Administrative Rules

You have to have a custodian for your gold IRA or open it as a self directed IRA.  If you don’t want to administer your own IRA, choose a custodian carefully.  You need one that knows the rules and will make sure that your gold is stored safely.  Most custodians work with approved major depositories that meet federal security and safety standards.

If you don’t want a custodian and elect to open a self directed gold IRA you will have to find your own federally approved storage facility and arrange shipments accordingly.

Gold IRA – Time limits

If you’re rolling over a traditional or Roth IRA into a gold IRA you have to do so within 60 days or it counts as a withdrawal and is taxable.  If you go over the 60 days you won’t be able to access your assets for an entire year so consider your choices and timing carefully.

Gold IRA – Funding Restrictions

Any IRA has funding restrictions.  You can only put $5,000 a year into a gold IRA; you’ll have to plan to build up the funds throughout the year and watch your purchases carefully unless you want to make the entire deposit at once.

The only time you can put more than $5,000 in your gold IRA is when it is a transfer or rollover.  So if you have $30,000 in your IRA and are rolling it over into gold that is an allowable deposit.  However, you can’t put that same amount of gold into an established gold IRA all at once, it has to be made over a period of 6 years.

Opening your Gold IRA

Be sure you talk to several custodians or understand how much responsibility is involved in a self directed gold IRA and make your decision accordingly.  Plan how you’ll buy the gold, how you can structure your budget to make maximum contributions, and how you’ll time those deposits.

Above all, diversify your assets and don’t depend exclusively on gold for your retirement savings.  You are allowed to have more than one IRA or you can use an employer sponsored 401K to help diversify your assets with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and other allowable financial products.  Although gold is the ideal way to protect your money from inflation and fickle economies, diversifying your assets will help insure that you can retire to a lifestyle that is comfortable and rewarding.

Self Directed IRA for Gold

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Any financial advisor will tell you that you should diversify your investments and one of the best ways to do that is with a self directed IRA. One of the main advantage to a self directed IRA is that you choose how your assets are invested and make your own decisions on those investments.  This is why these accounts are becoming very popular.  Investors can diversify their assets, control the way they grow, and don’t have to be subjected to the ups and downs of the stock market.

In fact, there are over $100 billion invested in self directed IRAs and the number of accounts being opened is on the rise.  After the last big market upset in 2008 when so many lost so much of their retirement savings, the idea of being in control gained popularity.  A self directed IRA is not managed by a custodian familiar with the market that will give you advice or make decisions about your investments.  You’re the one responsible for that and frankly, it can be a lot of work.  You are required to have a custodian that is connected with a trust bank but all they do is make sure you have the proper paperwork and give you a valuation of your account each year.  How your investments grow—or shrink—is entirely up to you!

Of course, you can hire someone to help you if you know you can’t make the decisions to your advantage.  Most people choose a self directed IRA because they want control over their own wealth but many take the advice of experts until they feel that they have enough experience to go it alone.

Self directed IRA for gold

One of the advantages of a self directed IRA is that you have more options about the types of assets you can acquire and invest in.  You might choose stocks, real estate, bonds, or precious metals like gold or silver.  All your assets must to adhere to certain federal rules so you can’t invest in collectibles like art or personal property or life insurance.

A traditional 401K or IRA is also limited in the type of investments that can be made.  With one of those accounts you can choose to be aggressive or opt for more conservative investments for long term steady growth.  The problem is that you usually don’t have that many choices and if you pick the wrong advisor it could be poorly managed.  When you have self directed IRA you’re in control and can choose where the money is invested.

One of the options people are excited about is a self directed IRA for gold.  Gold approved for use in an IRA comes in various weights so that it’s affordable for people of all means.

Are There Restrictions?

There are not as many restrictions with a self directed IRA as there are with traditional IRAs.  One of the great advantages of this type of account is the liquidity.  In a traditional IRA the custodian can take up to 30 days to release any money you ask for so in an emergency you may be in real trouble.  With a self directed IRA you have access to the money you need in a couple of days because you are in charge of it.

Invest in what you believe in

You can invest in real estate that can benefit others while it brings you profits.  You can invest in new technology that can better society, or do something you love and invest in horses or other livestock.  You can invest in a cause you believe in.  The only drawback is that you can make bad investments but if you make the right decisions you can get some very good returns.

Self Directed IRA – Fees

Self directed IRAs have higher fees than traditional IRAs.  You might pay to open the account, an annual fee of several hundred dollars, holding fees for each asset and transaction fees for investments in real estate.

Be Careful How Much You Invest

It’s important to keep some money in your self directed IRA for the purpose of maintaining your investments.  For instance, if you have invested in real estate such as a property that needs a new plumbing system, the money for that must be paid from the IRA account.  If you’ve spent all your money buying the property you won’t have any to do repairs because you are not allowed use your personal funds to maintain an asset in your IRA.  All the profits from that property must go into the IRA account, not into your pocket or any other account.

Best Self Directed IRA for Precious Metals

With an IRA that uses precious metals you won’t have any costs other than storage.  Your gold and other precious metals are stored in federally approved vaults that are insured and secure.  You don’t have to maintain the metal, repair it, feed it, or worry about it.  A self directed IRA for gold is something you should consider, especially if you want to be safe from the fickle behavior of paper currency.

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Is Investing in Gold Right for You?

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The public has been bombarded in the past few years with ads about investing in gold—on the television, in print, on the radio and even on billboards.  They encourage gold investment and at the same time they advertise that they give the highest rates if you want to sell your gold jewelry, coins, or ingots.  If you haven’t yet bought gold or other precious metals you might be wondering if this is a passing fad, the sign of economic panic, or just another campaign to encourage hysteria and thus enrich the coffers of dealers in gold.  As you watch the economy getting worse and gold prices rise higher you might wonder if gold investing could protect your savings.

Just half the world’s population is responsible for 50% of the gold sales in 2011.  India and China account for half of all gold sales in the second quarter of that year and it makes you wonder if they know something that Americans don’t see.   These cultures look at gold not only as a source of wealth but as an expression of love, the perfect gift, and as a status symbol.  India prizes gold above all other material wealth and even the poor save what they can to buy miniscule pieces of it.  It’s not at all unusual to see nearly everyone on any random street decked in gold.  But how does this apply to the average investor and is it a good idea to get involved in gold investing?

Gold is The Most Stable Commodity in any Economy

If you look at economies that have both thrived and fallen in the past few thousand years you’ll see that gold (and other precious metals) have been the standard of wealth.  Whenever people could, they bought gold whether it was small coins or large bars.  Gold was used to back and stabilize currency.  When governments removed the requirement that gold back that currency, you got inflation, deflation, and hyperinflation.

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is an excellent example of paper based currency.  In 1948 its government began printing money that was not backed by any commodity and inflation soared.  A cup of rice cost more cash than a person could comfortably carry.  Since most currency is no longer backed by a commodity such as gold, that scenario may rear its ugly head again in the near future.

Those who hold gold will have buying power in even the most dire of economies.  Gold never loses value.  The same amount of gold that bought an acre of land in the 16th century will still buy that much land in the 21st century.

Gold Supply and Demand

Many people think that since demand is high there will be more mines opened and more gold will come onto the market, devaluing their own holdings.  However, gold mining is not a simple industry.  Most of the accessible gold has been found already and whatever is left in the bowels of the earth is much harder to find and recover.  This is one reason that the price stays high and demand is never quite satisfied.  There is little danger of the supply of gold ever meeting the demand, which makes gold investing a very smart way to maintain and grow one’s wealth.

Gold investing can be easy and even economical.  Many investors with average incomes have a savings plan that enables them to buy gold bullion or smaller ingots on a quarterly basis.

If you are within ten years of retirement, gold investment is an excellent way to protect your retirement dollars from inflation and rapidly changing economies.  You can do this through a gold IRA or choose to retain physical possession of it with, of course, proper and secure storage.

There are so many advantages to owning gold yourself or including it in a retirement account.  Gold gives you security and a foolproof hedge against inflation.  Your future will be more secure and your wealth more stable by investing in gold.

Investment in Gold is an important decision and to make your decision easier we have reviewed all the Top Gold Companies

How to do – Pension Rollover to IRA

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It’s not hard to do a pension rollover to IRA and there are many reasons why you should do so.

One of the most important reasons for pension rollover to IRA is the instability of the economy.  Pension are paid by the company you work for and with the volatility of the economic climate combined with a low GDP and consumer fears, many companies are suffering financially.  Your pension is a promise from the people you work for that they will pay you a monthly stipend after you retire but how do you know they will be able to keep that promise?  If a mega-monster corporation like GM can fail so can your company and it can take your hard-earned pension with it.

Retirement pension

One advantage of a pension rollover to IRA is that you are in control of the money and how it grows.  You can invest it any way you wish.  Remember how many employees of Enron lost their entire pensions when their fund administrators invested their money in company stocks?  You’ll be in control of your retirement funds and can leave it up to your broker or take a hand in some or all of the decisions.  You can even invest in precious metals if you like in order to have more stability.

There are two things you can do with your pension—roll it over to a traditional IRA or a Roth.  If you want to pay taxes now and avoid possibly higher taxes later you can choose a Roth.  A traditional IRA will give you tax deductions now and you’ll pay taxes as you withdraw the money.

You must ask for a transfer from the pension plan’s administrator then fill it out and wait for it to be processed.  Start the process of opening your choice of IRA while you’re waiting.  After your pension is cashed out the administrator will send it to you minus about 20% for taxes then you have 60 days in which to deposit it into your new IRA account.  Be sure that your administrator has your pension set up so that as it accrues in the future, it is deposited into your IRA.

It is very important to deposit your pension in your new IRA within the 60 day window.  If not, you’ll have to pay income tax on it even if you deposit it on the 61st day.

It’s not a complicated process to convert your pension to an IRA and can make a huge difference in the kind of lifestyle you have to look forward to in retirement.  Doing a pension rollover to IRA can help make your golden years stress free and financially stable.

How to Invest in an IRA

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If you’re wondering how to invest in an IRA, you have a lot of options.  What works for one person, though, may not be right for another so you must assess your own needs and expectations when deciding how to choose assets for your IRA.

The younger you are the more aggressive you can be and the more risks you can take.  High risk/high return investments are fine when you are in your 20s and 30s but if you’re over 40 you’ll probably want to begin to be more conservative.  Be sure you are comfortable with it—if a trade would make you worried or lose sleep, don’t do it.

You can invest in any security that is publicly traded such as bonds, mutual funds, and stocks.  Many like mutual funds because it gives them a large “basket” of assets from around the world—a start-up in Kentucky, an established oil field in the Middle East, a manufacturer in Germany, etc.

Bonds can be a real asset, too, if you choose carefully.  Buying a bond is nothing more than loaning money and having it paid back with interest.  If you buy a $1,000 bond from the government, they are borrowing that money from you.  When the bond becomes due, you will get the face value of the bond plus interest accrued.  Unfortunately, government bonds aren’t paying much interest right now.  The upside is that they are considered a very safe investment.  Bonds are also issued by publicly traded companies and usually pay much high interest than government bonds.

Investing in stocks can be very lucrative if you know which ones are likely to gain value.  For example, those who invested in a little start-up company run by a kid named Bill Gates were very, very happy with the returns on their initial investment!  There aren’t too many of us that will luck into that type of stock but there are hundreds of other stocks that will help your IRA grow.  The stock market can be stressful so if you aren’t comfortable with your level of knowledge you may want to let your broker help you with your

invest in gold


Then there are precious metals, an investment for people who want to avoid inflation, deflation and hyperinflation.  You can buy gold, platinum, silver, or palladium for your IRA and know that it will never lose value.  A dollar’s worth of gold will always be worth a dollar.  Whereas to buy the same dollar of merchandise in 2012 as you did in 2008, you would need about $1.40.  Gold and other precious metals protect you from the instability of currency.

It’s important to decide which types of assets you want in your IRA.  Depending on your temperament, your knowledge of the market, or your access to financial advice, there are many choices you can make.  But in deciding how to invest in an IRA you should definitely consider investing part of your funds in inflation-proof assets like gold and other precious metals.

Peter Schiff

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Wherever you look, people are talking about the economy and being prepared for the future.  Unfortunately, most consumers are not as prepared as they should be.  They may save and invest money but the dollar may not be worth much-if anything-when they retire.  That’s why experts like Peter Schiff endorse gold investments for a secure future.

Who is Peter Schiff?

So, who the heck is Peter Schiff?  He is a world renowned business owner and gold investor and son of Irwin Schiff, a major figure in the tax protester movement in the U.S.  After graduating Beverly HillsHigh School, Peter went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance in 1987 at Berkeley Hass School of Business.

Peter’s education and business experience have led him to believe strongly in the value of investing in precious metals.  His investing philosophy has gained credence as the economy continues to be unstable and the value of the dollar erodes.

How Does Peter Schiff Know So Much About the Economy?

Schiff is so knowledgeable about the economy partially due to his involvement in politics.  Unlike many financial advisors who regurgitate book-learning without real world experience, he was Ron Paul’s economic advisor and helped draft Paul’s economic revitalization plan.  Peter received endorsements from Ron Paul as well as Steve Forbes when he decided to run for the U.S. Senate in 2009.  He was defeated by Richard Blumenthal but gained valuable insight on how politics and the economy affect each other.

Peter continued his research on the economy and working closely with his father he decided that he should secure his wealth with gold and silver.  His research convinced him that was the safest and most profitable way to go as he watched the economy collapse; his projections for the value of the dollar convinced him beyond a shadow of a doubt that precious metals was the best way to plan a secure future.

Why Should I Listen to What Peter Schiff Says?

Peter Schiff founded Euro Pacific Capital, Inc. in 1997, a full service broker and dealer whose specialties are securities and foreign markets.  The company now has six offices across the United States.  Feedback from the company’s clients is nearly exclusively positive, leading Schiff to an interest in educating the public about investing wisely.  The Peter Schiff Show, broadcast online and on radio, is one way he is reaching out to urge people to secure their investments in gold before the dollar collapses.  He has also written books explaining the economy and where it is headed and done so in such a way that the average person without a college education can understand and absorb that knowledge.

Protecting Your Future 

Peter’s goal is to insure that as few people as possible are caught be surprise when the economy crashes and the dollar collapses.  His goal is not entirely altruistic, however.  He points out that the more people who have secured their wealth with precious metals, the better off he and everyone else will be!  He’s not just talking about millionaires, either—anyone can grow a little money by investing it wisely and turning it into a comfortable nest egg.

Schiff is encouraging people to have a gold backed IRA and to invest in gold and precious metals to secure their financial future.  There are scores of companies that will help you achieve that goal.

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