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If you turn on the news or look online you will see thousands of different people giving each other financial advice. One may say something totally different than the other and you might be confused as to what you should really do. What anyone should be doing is making sure that they are investing in their financial future. When you get to your retirement you want to be able to enjoy your golden years without having to go back to work or struggle to make ends meet. This is where a quality retirement account comes in.

If you take a look at what types of retirement investments are out there you will see hundreds and can be difficult to decide which ones to go with. You will need to choose an investment that you can rest assured will be beneficial in the future. For instance you do not want to invest in something that may just be a fad and may not work out in the end. You will want to invest in something like gold that has a secure financial future and a future that will not leave you broke. Gold IRA’s are becoming increasingly popular all over the world as a unique and secure investment. You will not have to worry about gold crashing unlike the dollar that could crash at some point. Gold investing is the way to go to make sure that you have a secure financial future.

There are many gold companies out there to choose from and you will need to do extensive research to make sure that you find the right company for you and your investment money. One company that you will come across is APMEX. Here is our review of APMEX and whether or not you should invest and start your gold retirement.

APMEX Review – What Is It?

APMEX is one of the worlds most trusted and larges sources for precious metals including gold. This company has a broad array of apmexcoins, bars and rounds. The coins come straight from the US Mint as well as the Royal Canadian Mint. Other items come from the world’s top providers for coins, bullions and rounds and are inspected when they come in to make sure that they are of top notch quality. Quality is a must at this company as they have their own expert staff inspecting everything before it gets shipped out. The prices at this company are competitive compared to other companies.

There are no hidden fees and no extra fees for things like extended shipping or insurance. The price you pay for shipping includes handling and insurance with this company. Shipping can be fast if you get in with the QuickShip program that allows you to get your coins or other items within a few business days. They are shipped out the next business day giving you a chance to know exactly when your coins will arrive. Further as you would be able to see in the screenshot they offer free shipping for all orders which are $5000 and above.

Customer service at this company is also great. Their staff can help you from their website and can also help you via phone call or email. Trust is also a huge factor with this company and the company strives to make sure that people can trust the name APMEX.

APMEX Review – What We Like

There were a good many positive reviews about APMEX that we found. Many reviewers loved the customer service and how they were willing to help them get started with their gold IRA’s. Reviewers also liked how the company did offer options so that they could get their shipments quicker. Reviewers also enjoyed the fact that there is no hidden fees within anything that you purchase. Other reviews also liked that the company employees also inspected the product before they shipped them out to the buyer. Most reviewers that left positive reviews stated that they would buy from APMEX again and that they would suggest the company to their friends who wanted to start a gold investment.

Here is how Gold Feels !! – Nice and Short video by APMEX


APMEX Review – What We Didn’t Like

APMEX does have its fair share of negative reviews. Many of the reviews included problems with shipping with some reviewers stating that they did not get their shipment for weeks or not at all and finally had to cancel their order. Several reviewers were also complaining about a high cancellation fee with this company. Reviewers also expressed displeasure with the customer service saying that they spoke to someone that was rude or that did not help them figure out the problem.

Other reviewers did not like what they got for their money or did not like the quality of what they got. Several reviewers stated that returns took too long and there were too many complications in getting them complete. Other reviewers were complaining about the high prices compared to other companies and how the other companies were cheaper and friendlier. Many reviewers said that they would not recommend APMEX because of their experience with the company.

APMEX Review – Review sites

BCA– (No information listed.)gives APMEX a rating of AAA.  There is only one review listed and it is negative.

BBB–  A+ rating (with 58 complaints closed in the last 3 years.) with 18 reviews, only 4 of which are negative.  There have been 30 complaints, 10 in the past year that are mostly concerned with the product and services. (See here)

Trustlink–  regal assets review based on 1 positive review. (See here)

Yelp–  (2 ½ stars with 16 reviews. Mixture of positive and negative.) (Read here) No longer has any reviews or information on APMEX.

Ripoffreport–  6 complaints posted. (Read more)

Citysearch–  No information posted.

Kudzu- No information posted.

Gold Dealer Reviews– 3 ½ stars based on 62 reviews. (See here)

APMEX Review – Overall Thoughts?

Apmex offers some lucrative offers like free shipping at orders of $5k and above. Further they have an A+ rating with BBB which is a big boost and brings them in league with much more advanced companies like Regal assets. But reaching this far they have still not been accredited by Business Consumer alliance (BCA) which is an equally big -ve for us.

Initially APMEX looks decent enough but the more research you do into the company you find that there are many negative reviews and complaints at ripoffreport and other review sites that come out. When investing in your future it is always best to go with a company that does not have any bad reviews. Just one bad review should stand out to you and tell you that this is not a company for you. When dealing with your financial future it important to only have the best. We do not recommend APMEX and recommend that you look elsewhere.

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