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In these hard economic times, more and more individuals are seeking a way to ensure their financial assets will be safe and unharmed by market crashes, price drops and job loss.

One of the surest ways to keep your future in tact is to consider opening an IRA – an IRA is a much more free and personal-driven way to save than with only a regular 401k. To take your security a step further, backing your IRA with gold can greatly decrease the odds you’ll ever lose any money and back up your cash with physical gold rather than money that can rise or fall at the drop of a hat.

When planning to invest your IRA into gold, it’s important to go over all the factors involved in the process before proceeding with an investment. You must know the different types and quality of gold (coins, bullions, percentages) and must take a good amount of time researching the company you choose to buy gold from – there are a lot of dishonest ones out there, especially in the gold market. The government is especially concerned about quality and luster of gold and precious metal investments and it is a wise idea to know what you’re looking at before investing with any salesperson.

Blanchard Review – What Is It?

Blanchard and Company, Inc has over 450,000 satisfied customers who have experienced the security an IRA backed by gold can blanchardbring them. They boast expert-level consultation in obtaining American numismatic rarities in gold, silver and platinum bullion.

James U Blanchard III, the company’s founder, was a fighter for the gold movement and the legalization of gold exchange. With an expert team of over 85 experienced precious metal and market professionals, Blanchard promises to offer you consultants with over 20 years in the industry.

Blanchard offers their clients superior quality gold and coins. Before being included in their collection, each coin is carefully inspected for quality and percentage by an experienced professional numismatist to ensure its quality. The pieces are checked for luster, sharpness of strike and overall visual appeal. This means that the coins you receive from Blanchard are not only quality showpieces, but will be valuable whenever you should decide to put them to use as financial means.

Fees vary depending on the type of Gold IRA you decide to take or rollover onto. There are fees for annual maintenance, fees specific to the type of asset obtained, hedge funds, international accounts, Swiss annuities, storage general admin fees and cash management fees. All of these depend on the type of IRA you choose to open. There is a small termination fee as well should you decide to close your Gold IRA.

Once you choose your Gold IRA type your metals are stored in a designated ultra-secure metals depository where they will be kept safe and untouched. Your metals are easily made available through private delivery. Storage is thought to be a better option than obtaining possession of your gold right away since it will incur taxes and fees as it would if you were to withdraw cash from an IRA. Take note too that your assets are grouped together with others and are considered fungible and are not individually classified. Your Gold IRA is credited with the amount identified by weight, type of gold, type of coin or bullion, manufacturer and denomination of coin if chosen.

Blanchard Review – What we Like

Most people had many positive things to say about Blanchard and Company, Inc, Many liked the fact that founder James U Blanchard III was a pioneer in the gold industry and has had many years of experience, and a true passion for precious metals. They also said the service given to them by a one-on-one consultation with professionals having over 20 years experience was appreciated since they knew all the ups and downs of Gold IRA investments and explained them well.

Other reviewers told us about the  great quality that every coin or piece of gold bullion that is brought into the storage facility is of the purest quality and will always be approved by the IRS, so there will be no worries of future problems.

Blanchard Review – What we Didn’t Like

While there were positive reviews, there were also negative things reviewers had to say. For instance, many people do not like the fact that their assets are grouped and cannot be easily withdrawn from the storage facility i.e. Un Segregated Storage

There were also Blanchard complaints of pushy salespeople who wanted them to invest in more than they could, and that made them uncomfortable dealing with the group. Others also felt that they were not given enough information before investing in their Gold IRA, rollover was too quick and not explained well enough, and they felt cheated out of some of their hard earned money afterwards.

Blanchard Gold – Review Sites

BCA BBB Rating, 0 complaints over last 3 years (See More Here)

BBB(14 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years, A+ Rating)  A+ rating 1 positive review and 1 negative review.  One complaint that was resolved to customer’s satisfaction. (See More Here)

Trustlink –  No rating, 0 reviews (See More Here) – 1 negative review (See More Here)

Yelp – Not Rated/No Reviews

CitySearch – Not Rated

Kudzu – Not Listed

InsiderpageNot listed

Blanchard Gold IRA – Overall Thoughts

Why 2 Stars – Gold IRA is not the Core Business for Blanchard. They also have a low score by BCA and many complaints filed with BBB. They offer Scaled IRA fees and Un Segregated Storage.

Even though the company seems to take a good direction, and points to many positives when trying to make a sale, they were overall not recommended. Reports of large premiums on coins being charged were made by many consumers. The most important thing that I considered when investing in Physical Gold IRA was how genuine were the Sales people of the company and if they are pushing to invest more as to understanding what are the requirements – We found this in a few online reviews and Blanchard complaints that the company is taking advantage of people with little knowledge of gold investments.

Our Recommendation

After a rough patch in finding the right company i had decided to make this website for all Young Baby boomers in order to have a clear picture of what all companies are available in the market and where they Stand in terms of ranking, trust and complaints.

We have reviewed some of the top companies here – Top Gold IRA Rollover Companies

After a lot of analysis on the Top Gold IRA Companies – We can confidently recommend Regal Assets for all Gold IRA rollovers:

  1. 100% positive reviews and triple AAA rating from  BCA
  2. A+ rating from BBB
  3. Flat IRA fees
  4. Trustworthy and not pushy sales people

Would advice you to read the Regal Assets review and you should talk to them as soon as you land on their website and judge the company before investing a single penny. Visit them here – Regal Assets and call them here 1-877-721-2659

regal assets