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It seems as if there are dozens of companies trying to sell gold and silver for retirement or investment purposes but it’s very hard for the average person to intelligently decide which one to buy from. Most of these companies are helpful and have decent reputations but it’s difficult to find out who is behind the company name. CMI Gold and Silver is a refreshing exception to the norm.

What is CMI Gold and Silver?

CMI Gold and Silver, one of the oldest bullion and precious metals dealers in America, was created in 1973 in order to help people buy silver as a hedge against inflation. At that time it was not legal for an individual to own gold. When the right to own gold was reinstated CMIGS added gold to their product line. They were one of the few bullion dealers to survive the inflation of the 1970s. Bill Haynes has headed the company since 1973 and his son Mike has been operations manager for nearly ten years.

What We Like About CMI Gold and Silvercmi-gold-silver

CMIGS’ website has just about anything an investor could wish, whether they are a novice or expert. There is a section explaining the techniques telemarketers use to persuade consumers to buy over-priced precious metals and coins, a section debunking falsehoods and myths, advice on avoiding scams and worthless investments, a blog with news and commentary, and an index of categories of nearly every subject that affects the price and availability of precious metals. CMI Gold and Silver dispassionately presents the arguments for and against buying gold and silver without belittling the small investor.

Unlike most other bullion and coin dealers, CMI Gold and Silver lists the principle personnel and gives a brief overview of their qualifications, experience, and job description. Plus, unlike most other dealers, it has a page on Wikipedia where you can research them.

What We Don’t Like About CMI Gold and Silver

There really doesn’t seem to be anything to dislike about CMI Gold and Silver. Their clients are pleased with their customer service department as well as the products they purchase.

CMI Gold and Silver Review Sites

The BBB gives CMI Gold and Silver an A+ rating. (There have been no complaints registered in the past three years for this company. There are four positive reviews citing superior service and products and experiences with customer service.)  There are 67 reviews on BBB’s site, all positive.  There has been only one complaint that cited a delay getting documentation for tax purposes.  It was successfully resolved.

Yelp lists two reviews that both give CMIGS 5 stars. One is a simple one-line recommendation and the other is from a repeat client that cites their honesty and efficiency.

CitySearch contained (3) 4 reviews that complimented CMIGS as friendly and organized, having good customer service, and being the “to go” place for information about gold and silver.

Kudzu had 7 reviews that emphasized good organization, friendliness, knowledgeable representatives, and courtesy.

There were no reviews on TrustLink, BCA, Ripoff Report, or Insider Pages.

CMI Gold and Silver – Conclusions and Recommendations

WHY 4 Stars – CMI Gold and Silver deserves 4 stars out of 5. Their transparency, good customer service, reliable delivery, and the knowledge base on their website makes them one of the best places to buy precious metals that we have found. As always, practice due diligence before doing business with any dealer in precious metals but CMIGS has an excellent reputation and seems to live up to the expectations of both new and repeat clients.

Our Recommendation

CMI is amongst a few companies that have come so close to our final Recommendation of Regal Assets. I think its a very close call and you as an investor should call both the companies before you make a choice. 

For Regal Assets – Visit here Or call them @ 1-877-721-2659

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