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With all the increasing crises around the world and a poorly performing economy, it’s more important than ever to choose a reliable, safe, and reputable company to insure that you keep the wealth you have and increase your retirement savings. It’s not enough anymore to just save money since currency is no longer a safe way to invest.

What is, also known as Silver & Gold, Inc., is owned by Mike Maloney, author of several books on money and the economy and also a highly regarded designer of stereo systems. His famous “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” program and many books about money and how it works are well regarded by the financial industry and very popular with serious investors. is Maloney’s solution for an easy ad reliable way to buy and sell precious metals for the average consumer.

What We Liked About

This company has a very attractive website that caters to people that are serious about their investments. In fact, you can also order emergency food supplies through the site to insure not only your wealth but your continued health should the worst happen. The company offers IRA approved precious metals, bullion jewelry, and collectible precious metal coins as well. offers segregated vault storage in facilities worldwide. They offer education about precious metals and the financial market as well as a newsletter. Unlike most gold and silver dealers, helps support Turning Point, a homeless shelter, by donating a percentage of their sales to it. As customers empower themselves by buying precious metals, they are also helping to improve the lot of those less fortunate than themselves.

You’ll also find profiles of the company officers so that you have an idea who you’re dealing with.

What We Didn’t Like About review

The main complaint we have about this company is not about them so much as the gullible consumers that might sign up for their Insider program. This is a pricey members only feature that offers reports on precious metals, a daily two minute “briefing” and a few other “exclusive” extras that one could look up online with a little effort.

The other thing we did not like about the company is that it’s very difficult to find any history of the company; while there are profiles of the principals on the website and a mission statement, you’ll have to devote a lot of time to web searching if you want to know the particulars about the company’s origins. We also had some issues with the costly shipping fees, which are far and away more than any other company we have reviewed.

Also, because they contract for vaults from established companies, you could save substantial amounts by dealing with those businesses directly rather than pay the storage fees charged by Reviews

The BBB lists as  (accredited since 2009 but offers no rating. There have been no complaints since March 10, 2013 but they do mention that the company is also known as Silver & Gold, Inc.) NR (not rated) and not BBB accredited.

TrustLink lists 3 reviews that give 5 stars. The reviewers compliment the updates and knowledge base on the site as well as the services and products offered.  Update: TrustLink no longer has a listing for

The BCA (lists two complaints that were resolved by making adjustments in customer accounts and 1 complaint that was not adjusted due to the terms of agreement. One of the complainants mentioned that the price of silver fell after they placed their order and they expected the company to adjust their purchase price, which is not standard practice in this industry. Another was delayed in wiring payment which is due within 48 hours of placing an order; did not take action on this delinquent account for 32 days and then levied a Market Loss charge. The customer did not agree with the charge but made no rebuttal to the company’s response nor did they make a final comment.)  Update: BCA now assigns GoldSilver an AAA rating with no reviews and no complaints

Yelp, CitySearch, Kudzu, Ripoff Report, and Insider Pages had no reviews to offer.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Why 3 Stars – appears to be fairly upfront about who runs it, their programs, prices, and terms. The reviews on the established sites that we offer show only part of the picture of this company; we looked at other review sites to get a more rounded view and found many complaints about charges and fees. Thus, we’ll give just 3 stars out of 5.

Our Recommendation

We recommend to test Regal Assets as your choice for investing into Gold IRA. They have great reviews and are one of the fastest growing gold company – Visit Regal Assets here

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