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In the coming years, more and more people are expected to turn to precious metals such as Gold to back their finances and IRAs. Due to the recent drops in the economy and the future not looking much brighter for the country, it’s imperative to take steps to ensure that your investments are safe, and you can retire comfortably after years of hard work.

A Gold IRA is simply an IRA that is rolled over from cash to Gold whenever the individual in charge of the account chooses to roll the amount over. Since gold is a precious metal of the highest quality that will never drop lower than cash value, it is a wise investment to make.

The trouble with investing in gold or other metals is that you need to know what you’re buying and need seek out experienced professionals who won’t try to sell you a bad deal. This of course, just as buying a car or house from an agent, can be difficult.

Below we take a look at Kitco – an online precious metal store and information centre that boasts it can help you find the safe investment you’re looking for.

Kitco Review – What Is It?

Kitco buys and sells bullion bars and coins in gold, silver, platinum, and rhodium. Those include Canadian Maples, American Eagles, kitcoVienna Philharmonics and Krugerrands. All these metals are recognized as true, accredited precious metals, are Kitco branded .9999 fine silver and gold.

Besides the sale of these metal products, Kitco also offers the option of taking a Gold IRA – rolling over some of the cash from your IRA into gold bullion or coins. Kitco claims that their highly experienced customer service representatives can help customers to safely put their retirement savings into a trusted source of gold. Taking a Gold IRA with Kitco requires first opening an IRA account and nominating them as your account representative. You must then fund your new IRA or rollover funds from an existing one to transfer to gold. You then contact a customer service rep to transfer the metals into your IRA. You also have the option to take cash from your 401k to transfer into precious metals.

Kitc also offers  Kitco Pool Accounts which give customers the opportunity to hold a share in precious metals owned by Kitco, much like a stock investment. The Kitco website says that owning such a share ensures your money stays safer, and is less of an investment up-front since there are no shipping or storage fees involved.

Another option Kitco offers is their Royal Canadian Mint Prestige Account, which allows consumers to securely purchase and own gold. This gold is held by the Royal Canadian Mint, a Crown Corporation owned by the Canadian Government.

Once your products are purchased, Kitco offers storage in allocated storage facilities in Canada or Hong Kong

Kitco Review – What we Like

Of the positives from Kitco is the fact that they do have detailed information on their website and their mobile apps so you know that you’re getting current rates, not rates that have changed and will give you less for your money. Kitco also claims that they take their gold straight from the Canadian Mint, and doesn’t offer any gold with less than a .9999 quality, which ensures the value will not change. Kitco also offers easy ways to transfer your IRA into gold through their convenient customer service representatives and easy-to-use online services that track your account.

Kitco also deals with 10 highly trusted IRA companies, making transferring funds from your IRA easier and faster.

Kitco – What we Didn’t Like

A lot of Kitco’s positives could also be negatives. Their online services are often not easy to use, requiring individuals to take screenshots of their accounts, and call into customer service with the information on-screen 0 not something that most people know how to do. As well, your Gold IRA is stored in either Canada or Hong Kong, not anywhere within the United States. This means that you cannot access your metals as easily and will most likely need to pay over heavy shipping fees when withdrawing – something they do not specify on their website.

Kitco also specifies on their website that while they can offer gold products to back up your IRA, they cannot offer IRA advice – something that most companies offering their products should be able to do considering most people contacting them will want to know all the details of making an IRA rollover.

You must also nominate Kitco as your account representative. While they do not require this, they do emphasize it and try to persuade customers to do so. Not only is nominating an unknown, unaccredited source not a good idea, but it can put your account in jeopardy should they close or decide to sell in the future.

Kitco Review – Review Sites

BCA Not Listed, No Reviews or Complaints

BBB(Not BBB Accredited) A+, no reviews or complaints.

Trustlink – No rating, 0 reviews See More Here – 0 reviews See More Here

Yelp – Not Rated/No Reviews

CitySearch – Not Rated

Kudzu – Not Listed

Insiderpage Not listed

Kitco Review – Overall Thoughts

Overall, though Kitco does seem to be a wise choice at first, it is always important to do your research! Kitco (unrecognized by the Better Business Bureau and the BCA,) has earned a BBB rating but and does not seem to have a reputation on any other sites yet. This can be a good thing, but it can also be a negative (since they have not been in business very long and do not have any customers posting positives about them.) because potential investors have no idea how the company has dealt with consumers.

I am not sure about you but i don’t find advertisements very attractive on a professional site (Look at My comments in Red in the snapshot).

Our Recommendation

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