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Lexi Capital is a company that specializes in gold IRA investments and is based in North Carolina. With the fluctuation of the typical types of investments such as stocks, real estate and savings many new and veteran investors are showing more caution when they are looking to add different types of investments to their portfolio. If you are considering adding gold to your IRA you should consider utilizing the services of Lexi Capital. The professionals at Lexi Capital can help investors make wise decisions by purchasing physical investments like gold that will help to stabilize and secure their investment portfolios.

The company can also help investors who are looking to completely overhaul their IRA into a gold IRA. This process can seem complicated to a novice investor and dealers who supply these precious metals for sale often do not try to make the process any easier. The twists and turns can frustrate even the most dedicated investor and delay or even halt the transaction for them to purchase physical metals for their IRA. Lexi Capital believes that every investor deserves to have a transaction that is:

  • Easy
  • Honest
  • Transparent

Lexi Capital – A Reputable Company for Gold IRAs

There have been many satisfied customers who have used the services that Lexi Capital offers. Although the company has only been in

lexi capital

the industry for a short period of time it has an impressive service record. The number of conversions the company has achieved speaks highly of its success so far. The company continues to draw in new investors through their creative advertising and marketing techniques.

These techniques seem to have paid off for Lexi Capital because it is quickly running up the ranks as one of the go to companies when investors are looking to change their current IRAs into gold IRA rollovers.

Lexi Capital is considered one of the newer companies that are in the industry and they have several excellent recommendations and reviews online. There has only been one complaint filed against the company. This complaint was filed in 2012 and was based on delivery issues. The complaint was later closed and there have not been any recent complaints filed against the company. They maintain an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We also took a look at eight key indicators: BBB, Trustlink, BCA, Yelp, Ripoffreport, InsiderPages, Kudzu and Citysearch.

BCA – (No information found) Rated AA, no reviews or complaints

BBB –(A- rating with 1 complaint closed since 2012) A+, 2 positive reviews, no complaints    (Read more here)

Trustlinklexi capital review based on 1 review (Read more here)

Yelp.com – 2 Positive reviews about the company (Read more here)

Ripoffreport.com – No reports found

Insiderpages.com – No information found

Kudzu.com – No information found

Citysearch.com – No information found

What Services Can An Investor Expect To Receive From Lexi Capital?

The first service that investors have come to like and expect is the level of customer service that they receive from the company. First time investors that want a gold rollover IRA will receive the attention they need for their particular situation. Whenever an investor has a question or concern they will receive a response from their account manager promptly.

An account manager will work with the investor by first looking at their current portfolio. The account manager will then discuss with the investor the best course of action to take. Some portfolios may not be best suited for a precious metal investment.

However if the portfolio looks like a good candidate for a gold IRA rollover the account manager will discuss the pros and cons of the addition with the investor. They will discuss these options with the investor in language that they will easily understand.

Personalized Analysis This personalized analysis is important to the investors for two main reasons. The first reason is that the investor will be able to see a preview of how the precious metal investment will impact their portfolio. They will see how well their retirement account will grow with the addition of the gold. This is a service that investors of all levels will come to appreciate.

The second benefit of receiving the personalized analysis is that investors will be able to create a plan for their retirement accounts and they can change this plan as necessary. These changes may be necessary if there is a dramatic change in the market. Lexi Capital provides investors several ways that they can receive current information about the market. They can receive it through text or email messages in real time.

This up to date information will allow investors to make the changes that are necessary so they can continue to see growth in their gold IRA.

Investment Software – Lexi Capital also uses current investment software that is constantly updated. This software can help investors decide how and when they want to make changes to their portfolio. The software allows investors to see how they can diversify their IRA so they can see the highest gains.

Security of Your Portfolio Information

Lexi Capital believes strongly in protecting their investors’ information. They use several reputable online security and privacy services that help to ensure that the information they have on file for their investors stays safe and cannot be accessed by hackers or malicious software. They monitor the accounts constantly and if a breach is detected investors are notified immediately.

Lexi Capital Review – Final Verdict

An investor that is interested in gold IRA rollovers should take their time and conduct adequate research so they can make the best decision regarding their retirement portfolio. This review is researched based but investors have varying needs of importance and may prefer the services of one company over another.

Because Lexi Capital is still considered new, many investors will prefer to work with a more experienced company. There are many companies who have been in the industry for decades but there is one company that investors consider one of the best – Regal Assets is an established company that prides itself with many years of impeccable service for investors who have self-directed IRAs.

Investors will always seek the most dedicated company to trust their private financial information with. Find an IRA firm that will work with you to help increase your IRA to your satisfaction.

Our Recommendation

We have spoken to many GOLD IRA firms and the best firm that we found is Regal Assets which is based in California and have many glowing reviews from satisfied investors that can easily be found online. We recommend Regal Assets based on the knowledge and helpfulness of the staff.

Before making a decision you can call Regal here – 1-877-721-2659


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