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Investing for the future is something on everyone’s minds these days. With an unsure financial future you can find yourself leaving a very stress filled life. Many people all over the world are starting to realize that they will need money when they get to retirement age. There are thousands of programs out there that will help you save money for your financial future and it can be hard to choose the right one for you and your family. One of the most popular choices is to get an IRA or an Individual Retirement Account. These accounts allow you to save and even build interest on your money. When you get to your retirement you can use this money to pay your bills and live comfortably. However investing in the right IRA account is imperative. There are questions on the dollar’s financial future. With an ever changing economy questions have arisen on whether or not regular money will be worth as much as it is now or even if it will be in circulation. During these trying times of the failing global economy more and more people are concerned with how they should invest.

Fortunately there is an alternative that will allow you to save money for the future and will leave you with never having to worry about your financial future. You can start a gold IRA and know that your money is safe and sound. Gold has been traded for centuries by many people and does not lose its value. In fact it has been increasing in value each year. This makes it quite the secure investment for anyone wanting to have a secure retirement investment.

There are many companies out there that offer to help you with your gold retirement investment. One of the companies that are out there is Morgan Gold. Read on for more on Morgan Gold and what other people are saying about the company.

Morgan Gold Review – What Is It?

Morgan Gold has been around for many years and has helped many people with their gold IRA/401K retirement accounts. The morgan gold reviewcompany offers unique advice and tips to help people interested get into the gold world and show them that this type of investment is the way to go. They give this advice free and can help you any time you want to invest in a retirement account. Morgan Gold offers unique and individual plans for those who want to start an account with them and always offers the most up to date news in the gold world. The company has several celebrity and highly noted investors.

You can visit the website to get started with your gold investing or you can call or go in to their company if you are in the local area. Any questions that you have about gold investing will be answered and they can show you how to invest your money properly. They will show you what types of gold you should be investing in and also show you that you can also invest in silver. They will help you roll over your existing IRA’s and help you figure out everything for your retirement account. Their fee schedule is comparable to many other companies out there as they charge you depending on what your account will be like. Naturally the more that you have with them the higher fee that you will get. Morgan Gold will also walk you through how to store your gold and even how to cash your gold in for future use.

This is a nice video by their leading personality – Watch it to understand how important it is to invest in Physical Gold.


Morgan Gold Review – What We Like

There were several great reviews out there about Morgan Gold. Many of these reviews had to do with the great customer service. Reviewers said that they had no trouble getting in touch with the company and had no trouble getting any questions they had answered. They also stated that the customer service was helpful in getting them started in the gold buying world. Reviewers also liked the quality of the gold coins that they received and they also liked that the shipping times were fast and affordable. The reviewers that left positive reviews said that they would not hesitate to recommend Morgan Gold to anyone who wants to get into gold investing for their retirement accounts.

They have appeared on some big media channels like CNBC, Reuters, Fox News & Bloomberg which gives us a confidence boost about this company.

Morgan Gold Review – What We Didn’t Like

As with most companies there are some negative reviews about Morgan Gold.

Some of the key issues:

  • Rude Staff – Some reviewers Said there were issues with the customer service people -They got someone that was rude or did not answer their questions.
  • Delayed Shipping – Another common complaint was that the shipping times were not what they expected and often took longer than what the site or person said it would be.
  • Outrageous Prices – A few complained that they thought that the prices were outrageous and not good compared to other companies in the gold IRA world.

Many said that they would not use Morgan Gold and recommended that other people find a company that is better for their gold investing needs.

Morgan Gold – Review Sites

BCA– (A rating with 5 complaints made within the last 3 years.) D rating, no reviews or complaints listed.  (Read here)

BBB– A-, no reviews, 7 complaints regarding product, shortchanging of IRAs, pricing, and fee disputes.  (A+ rating with 1 complaint filed since March 2013.) (See here)

Trustlink– (5 stars based on 5 positive reviews.) 4.5 stars, 5 positive reviews and 1 complaint regarding an IRA transfer.  (See here)

Yelp– Information about the company listed but no reviews or ratings.

Ripoffreport– No negative reviews found on this site.

Citysearch– Information listed but no reviews.

Insiderpages– Listed but no reviews.

Morgan Gold Review – Overall Thoughts?

When it comes to your financial future you want to be as safe as you can. Having a bad investment could lead you into not being able to retire at all. Since this is so highly important you will need to make sure that the gold company you invest with is highly recommended and does not have any negative reviews. A gold company that has negative reviews is not a reliable company to deal with.  UPDATE:  We downgraded Morgan Gold to one star.  As you can see in the review sites, the company’s ratings have fallen and they don’t seem as trustworthy as they appeared when we first looked at them.

Final Recommendations

You need a company that has 100% positive reviews and has your best interests at heart. For this we do not recommend Morgan Gold. We have looked at many different gold companies and suggest that you take a look at Regal Assets. They have great feedback and 100% positive rating across the board.

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