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Regal Assets Review

regal assets review

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Having a secure financial future is on the minds of many people. With the economy like it is many people are feeling the pressure to have something more secure for when they get into retirement age. Many individuals are choosing a gold investment to help them create a sustainable IRA account. The gold and silver allows you to securely invest in your future without having to worry about losing your money. The price of gold and silver keeps increasing so you will know that you will be secure in your financial future. If you look online there are hundreds of gold companies out there. It seems like more and more are popping up every day.

To make sure that you have the right company you will need to do your research to make sure that you get the best company for your gold IRA investment. Choosing the wrong company could end with you not getting the retirement that you want or you losing money. One company that has been noted as popular is the Regal Assets company. This company has been recommended all over the world with many people recommending Regal Assets for all your gold and silver investment needs.

Regal Assets Review – What Is It?

Regal Assets is a popular financial service company that is based in California. This company was founded long before the financial crisis so you can rest assured that they are not some fly by night gold company that will not give you a quality investment. They have been established for many years and have established many long term relationship clients. Regal Assets is greatly known for its customer service. The customer service record has stood out for many years with many customers stating that you will not find a company like this one. The customer service staff works day and night to make sure that you are a satisfied customer and have no issues with the company or your investment.Regal Assets

Their website is one of the most bragged upon websites out there today. On the website you can get real time prices as well as information no matter what time of day it is. You are also free to chat with a customer representative via their chat on their website. You can also call and talk to the company during normal business hours on the West Coast. You can speak to expert advisers and dedicated account concierge who can let you know if you are making a great investment and they can also help you with suggestions to increase your portfolio and your financial outlook. Being able to purchase directly from their website has also been a great thing for many customers that visit Regal Assets.

You will find that within the company there are recommended packages for different levels. This is all contingent on what you want to invest and how much money you can invest. As a start you will probably want to start with the $5,000 package that is known as the emergency package and it will be held in reserve. If you are wealthy you can choose a package that is up to a quarter of a million dollars. No matter what package that you choose you will be treated as an equal and a highly valued customer.

Regal Assets Review – What We Liked

Regal Assets comes highly recommend among reviewers. Reviewers that left feedback for the company said that they would not ever go with another gold investment company. They loved the customer service there and could not believe how willing to help they were. Many reviewers stated that everyone they talked to was nice and willing to walk them through the entire process. Reviewers that were new to the gold IRA world said that they not only felt welcome but like a part of the family.  People also liked that you could purchase online and also liked the fact that they could jump on the chat if they had any questions. All of the reviews that we have found recommend Regal Assets in its entirety.

Their website is very easy to navigate and they provide real time price chart for all the precious metals including the spot gold price per ounce, as well as for silver, platinum and palladium. The site also has a good collection of Interviews with experts from around the world.

They Offer a Guarantee to deliver in 7 Days as compared to other firms who delivers in around 90 days. Regal further back this up by giving a free silver eagle to anyone who experiences a delivery time longer than 7 days. Every shipment is fully insured and shipped in discrete packaging.

Another option that is offered is to let Regal store your precious metals at a fully insured 3rd party depository – Brinks (Available since the 1800’s)  where they give you the freedom to withdraw. This is very useful when you are investing directly into your 401k because you will not incur Tax penalty as to what you would have incurred with a 3rd party depository.

We found Regal as the only company that buys back precious metals even if the price is up as compared to other competition gold ira companies who charge a fees when they buy from you and when they sell to you.


Regal Assets Review – What We Didn’t Like

If you look around online and research any company you are typically going to find one bad review somewhere. However after scouring the depths of the internet we have found no serious complaints about Regal Assets. There were 2 minor adjustment complaints listed with BCA that were closed quickly. All other searches came up empty handed for anything bad with this company.

If anything wrong happened while you are with this company they work closely with you to make sure that the problem is fixed and that you are satisfied with the outcome. The staff at Regal Assets wants everyone to be satisfied with their gold investment and wants to make sure that their customers are secure in their financial future.  For the most part, with reliable customer service and a great record no one has anything bad to say about Regal Assets.

Regal Assets – Review Sites

BCAAAA. (2 complaints closed in the past 3 years.)  56 positive reviews and no complaints. (See here)

BBB – A+ rating with no complaints and 2 positive reviews. (Read more)

TrustLink regal assets review based on (246) 1,002 positive reviews. (Read here)

Yelp – Listed but not rated.

Ripoffreport– (No negative reviews listed on this site.)  One complaint that was discovered to be from a competitor; legal action is pending.  (See here)

CitySearch– (24) 12 positive reviews listed. (Read here) regal assets review based on 7 reviews. (See here)

Insiderpages–  regal assets review based on 9 reviews. (Read more)

Yellowpagesregal assets review based on 12 reviews. (See here)

Regal Assets Review – Overall Thoughts?

Regal Assets is the 20th fastest growing Financial services company in United States under Inc. Magazine 32nd annual top 500 list. (Click on the image to read the entire news)

regal assets review

We Recommend you to go for Regal Assets if you are serious about investing Gold in your IRA

  • Outstanding online reputation
  • Flat IRA fees (No fees in first Year)
  • Professional and patient salespeople who listen to questions and answers them patiently
  • Negligible complaints

After speaking to several different gold IRA investment firms we have found that Regal Assets has some of the best reviews out there. There was hardly ever a bad review posted about Regal Assets. We recommend them based on the security they offer and the great customer service that they offer.

I would advice you to follow these steps:

Step 1:

Visit – Regal Assets

Make sure that you compare them to some of the other gold investment companies out there and see if they compare to what this company can offer you.

Step 2:

Call Regal today @ 1-877-721-2659

Ask For: Colin Plume or Cristian Howard and dont forget to ask for your complimentary Gold Retirement Kit