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IRA’s are an important part of your retirement but many people worry whether or not they are secure. With the economy being like it is all over the world many people have been waiting to start their IRA’s or looking at a more secure IRA plan. Gold IRA’s are a booming business right now. Gold is favoured by many for buying and selling and has made a great addition to the world of investment. Many

A quick search for gold companies will show you many different companies that specialize in gold retirement accounts but you will have to make sure you are vigilant in looking at the gold company. Investing in one wrong gold company can leave you with no money or worthless coins when you try to resell them. Not all companies are out there with the best intentions. Some companies are wonderful, while others may have bad reviews and extreme issues. Rosland Capital is a mixed bag of complaints and praises. Some people love their investment with Rosland Capital while other said that they were an extreme waste of money.people all over the world are purchasing gold IRA’s to help secure their financial future.

Rosland Capital Review – What Is It?

Rosland Capital is an investment company that will help you to get started with your gold backed IRA. On their site they have a broad selection of products both gold and silver that will help you to get started with your IRA.

The site also offers informative videos that will show you why you should get an investment IRA with gold.  They are also there to rosland capitalhelp you make investment decisions and can help to advise you on what you should look at. The company has their products listed on their website and you can purchase directly from their site without having to call in. This is one of the reasons why Rosalind Capital has become popular.

Fees for Rosland Capital vary on what you will be investing in and their fee schedule is currently not completely known. Some people say that it is scaled depending what you have with the company and what you have invested while some say that the fee is around $225 a year. If you have the company store your gold or silver you will have storage fees that you will have to pay. Commission is a common complaint among people that go into this company. They state that the commission rates are much too high in comparison to other companies of the same nature.

Rosland Capital Review – What we Liked

There are a good many positive reviews out there about Rosland Capital. Reviewers loved how the online system works and how easy it is to purchase directly from the site. Reviewers also liked how the company was easy to talk to if they had any questions and that the response time for questions was very quick. People also liked that the investment was sound and that they were getting a good deal for what they would get out of their IRA.

Reviewers also liked that they had a broad selection of products to choose from including coins as was as bars. They were also happy with the fact that they could add silver to their IRA as well. The positive reviewers for the company said that they would highly recommend Rosland Capital to anyone who wanted to start investing in their future with gold.

They claim that they deliver in 10 days or less ( * Edit – as i read more and more Negative reviews we find this Guarantee a marketing gimmick)

Rosland Capital Review – What we Didn’t Like

There are many negative reviews out there about Rosland Capital. Negative reviews included issues with sales agents. Many people would call and not get to speak to their agent for days or even weeks. Another common complaint is very slow shipping times (this is directly opposite to what we liked about them – i.e. 10 days shipping) as well as very slow website response. Many people complained that the pricing was not in line with other gold IRA investments and said that the company charged way too much for shipping.

A lot of reviewers accused the company of false advertising certain products and stated that when they went to purchase them they were much higher than advertised. Commission was also a problem with this company. Reviewers stated that the commission alone was enough to scare them from ever doing business with this company again.

This is the Biggest Scandal — Some reviewers also stated that the gold did not look up to the worth that they paid. Some of the coins were missing pieces or looked dented according to several different reviews. They felt as though this would bring down their value making it impossible to have a secure financial future. Many said that they would go with a more reputable and better company than Rosland Capital.

Rosland Capital- Review Sites (2017 Update)

BCA – AAA (BBB) Rating- 4 (20) complaints filed in the past 3 years. No customer reviews posted. (Read more here)

Rosland capital has improved there rating in the past 2 years from BBB to AAA and the number of complaints have also reduced from 20 to 4 complaints since 2014.

BBB – A+ rating with 20 3 complaints since March according to the Rosland Capital site. (See more here)

The number of complaints have increased to 20 as per BBB website (though details are not visible)

Trustlink 4 stars based on 64 19 reviews – Mix of  negative reviews and positive reviews. (See more)

Rosland Gold has raised their trust over the past two years with more customer reviews, Trustlink has improved their rating from 3 stars to 4 stars. Maximum inflow of positive reviews has happened in the past 1 year which makes us think if its all marketing led or actual customer reviews.

Yelp –   No information posted on Rosland Capital. Rosland has now claimed their Yelp page and they already have 3 -ve reviews on Yelp with overall 1 star rating.

Ripoffreport – Multiple negative reviews about the company. (Read more here)

The number of Rip Offs filed against the company is on a rapid increase

Citysearch – No reviews available for this company. 

Kudzu – Listed but not yet rated. 

Insiderpages – No reviews or information left.

Rosland Capital Review – Overall Thoughts?

Why 3 Stars – After considering BCA improving their rating from BBB to AAA and Trustlink Rating increasing to 4 stars from 3 stars along with Yelp addition of negative reviews + after seeing Rosland Capital Scams at Ripoff report – We decided to continue with our rating of 3 stars for the company.

Our suggestion is to make wise decisions and do your research before investing with this company. With Rosland Capital complaints and so many bad reviews, you could end up wasting your money and not having a decent IRA and since this is your retirement you could be in serious trouble. Instead of losing money and dealing with a company that is less than the best we suggest that you go with a great company that will help you to have the IRA that you need and the security to your future.

Our Recommendation

After dealing and talking to many companies and after looking though all the reviews and complaints on the net – we can safely recommend Regal Assets to deal with Physical Gold in your IRA portfolio.

  1. AAA ratings by Business consumer Alliance
  2. A+ rating by Better Business Bureau
  3. Efficient and prompt Sales staff – I felt this as the most important parameter as the staff was not pushy to invest more and knew what they were talking about

With 100% positive reviews you will not go wrong. Visit Regal Assets here

Or its even better to directly call them to clarify your doubts 1-877-721-2659

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